A Level MBF-1300 PUR Hot Glue Wrapping Machine (PUR)
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A Level MBF-1300 PUR Hot Glue Wrapping Machine (PUR)

This machine is equipped with modern woodworking technology, providing an innovative and efficient solution for edge banding in the furniture industry. Its automated production capabilities enhance efficiency, making it suitable for a range of custom furniture designs. The MBF-1300 PUR is recognized for its reliability, speed, and professional edge finishing, making it a valuable asset in the field of furniture manufacturing.
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  • MBF-1300 PUR

MBF-1300 PUR Hot Glue Wrapping Machine (PUR)

MBF-1300 PUR Hot Glue Wrapping Machine (PUR)

I. Technical Parameters:

  1. Outlined Size: 4760mm * 2700mm *      2800mm

  2. Width of PVC Material: 1300mm

  3. Maximum Working Height: 80mm

  4. Glue Applied:

      1. 35-45g or so for PVC material per        m².

      1. 60g or so for wooden veneer per m².

  1. Width of Driving Wheel: 15mm

  2. Feeding Speed: 0-30m/min (Speed      adjustment by frequency conversion)

  3. Total Power: About 50kw

  4. Machine Weight: About 5T

II. Configuration and Functions:

  • The machine can apply various      decorative materials on flat and strip materials to achieve perfect      decorative effects.

  1. The fuselage is welded using national      standard square steel and steel plate, with high precision after aging      treatment and gantry milling. The surface undergoes sandblasting, rust      removal, paint spraying, and plastic spraying.

  2. Dedusting devices for blowing off      difficult-to-handle dust on the profile surface. The blowing device uses a      universal connection with adjustable blowing angles.

  3. Transmission method is worm gear,      conveying shaft diameter is φ40mm, each shaft contains 9 transmission      wheels with φ200mm diameter, silica gel coating. Silicone roller with      φ200mm diameter is attached to the main pressure roller.

  4. Control operation screen with touch      screen and PLC control. Inch forward and backward switches for easy      debugging.

  5. Melter with pressure plate heating,      controllable heating temperature, and alarm function.

  6. PUR glue supply controlled by      frequency converter-driven AC motor and gear pump. Maximum motor speed:      125, maximum glue supply: 200kg/h.

  7. 55-gallon PUR hot-melt glue machine      with touch button operation, precision metering pump, motor speed curve      setting, multi-stage equipment protection, and glue position indication      function.

III. Configuration Selected:

  1. Affinity Agent and Fluorescent Lamp      Detection Device (Optional)

    • Affinity Agent Device: Applies affinity agent before       profile pressing for bonding. Felt roller made of wool with controlled       flow rate. Stainless steel temporary storage box and PTFE       corrosion-resistant connecting pipe.

    • Fluorescent Lamp Detection Device: Uses TL8WBLB fluorescent lamp to       detect coating uniformity of affinity solution.

  2. Automatic Cutting (Optional)

    • Driven by a servo motor with rack and       pinion.

    • Encoder measures length for       horizontal cutting.

    • Uses oblique cutting method, and       blade rises and falls using a cylinder.

    • Integrated with the coating machine,       ensuring accurate cutting.

IV. Vulnerable Part: Silicone wheels (not covered by the warranty)

V. Delivery Time: 45 working days

VI. Accessories Included:

  • Various wrenches

  • Allen wrenches

  • Connecting rods

  • Plastic core-rubber tires

  • Pointed and sharp rollers of different      sizes

  • Inner arc wheels

  • Steps wheels

  • Heat guns

  • Iron stepped rollers

VII. Warranty, After-sales Service, and Personnel Training:

  1. Two-year warranty, excluding      consumables (silicone wheels). Free equipment warranty during the warranty      period with free consultation and troubleshooting for repairs,      maintenance, and faults during the non-warranty period.

  2. Exclusions: Damage caused by man-made      and natural disasters.

  3. Supplier provides quick response to      failures within 24 hours during the warranty period, offering free      qualified parts and repairs. Outside the warranty period, the supplier      provides maintenance at a preferential price.

  4. Technical personnel sent for      installation, debugging, and training demand-side personnel in actual      operation, processing, repair, and maintenance.


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