Advantages of membrane pressing door use vacuum press machine
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Advantages of membrane pressing door use vacuum press machine

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TM2480 use for veener door

Advantages of membrane pressing door use vacuum press machine

The PVC molded series of cabinets have the advantages of rich color and variety and unique shape. It can create a bumpy effect, a three-dimensional shape, a high-brightness PVC film blister board, like a high-grade mirror paint, a strong sense of fashion. It has good wear resistance, scratch resistance and high temperature resistance. It is non-polluting and resistant to stamping. Since it can bond the four sides of the door panel into one body after being blistered, it does not need to be edge-sealed, which solves the problem that the edge sealing may be opened. It is called internationally “No defect plate”. In particular, her European style is the highlight of fashionistas.

PVC plastic molded door panel process

The PVC plastic molded door panel is a high-grade cabinet door panel which is formed by using a medium-density board as a base material and formed by engraving boring and milling pattern, and then the PVC film is adsorbed on the surface 2 by vacuum high temperature and high pressure.

PVC blister molded door panel advantages

1. The PVC molded plate has the advantages of unique shape, and the pattern is various and has a three-dimensional effect.

2. The processing cycle is slightly shorter than the paint door.

3, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, moisture-proof, waterproof.

4. Environmental protection and health.

5, the appearance is delicate, with flame retardant.

6, easy to clean and maintain

7, unique style, especially her European style is loved by kitchen slaves.

8. Good construction: This product has special material toughness, which can be sawed, planed, nailed, and can be pasted. It can also be bent under conditions, which can fully reflect the flexible and fashionable style of home decoration.

PVC blister molded door panel defects

1. The PVC cabinet should be kept away from the heat source above 70 °C to prevent softening and deformation.

2. In operation, try to avoid hitting the surface of the door panel with sharp objects to avoid scratches.

4, should avoid the erosion of chemical substances; benzene solvents and resin solvents should not be used as a panel cleaner.

5, should avoid the accumulation of water for a long time stay on the surface of the door panel, otherwise it will expand after a long time.

6. The door hinge and the handle are loose and abnormal, and should be adjusted in time.

PVC blister molded door panel selection and maintenance

Select PVC plastic molded door panel must see whether the film is strong, whether there is no gap in the sealing edge, otherwise it is easy to enter the water, resulting in expansion and deformation of the door panel. The maintenance and cleaning of PVC blister molding cabinets is very simple. You can use 10% liquid soapy water or detergent water with a dilution concentration of less than 5%, rinse with water, and then dry with a soft cloth. Do not wash with products containing thinners, solvents, abrasives, or powders.


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