Analysis on the development trend of woodworking machinery in the furniture industry
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Analysis on the development trend of woodworking machinery in the furniture industry

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Development trend of woodworking machinery in the furniture industry:

  1. Improve the comprehensive utilization rate of wood

    Due to the dwindling forest resources both domestically and worldwide, the shortage of high-quality raw materials has become the main reason restricting the development of the timber industry. Maximizing the utilization of catalogs is the main task of the wood industry. Developing various types of wood-based panel products, improving their quality and application range is the most effective way to utilize wood resources efficiently.

  2. Improve production efficiency and automation

    There are two ways to improve production efficiency: one is to shorten the processing time, and the other is to shorten the auxiliary time. To shorten the processing time, in addition to increasing the cutting speed and increasing the feed rate, the main measure is to concentrate the process.

  3. People-oriented, protect the environment

    To achieve green environmental protection, the Chinese government promotes the conversion of farmland to forests, natural forest protection projects, the construction of two major forestry systems and the construction of six major projects, all of which are wise to protect the environment; the development of the wood processing industry must follow two principles, the first is to protect the environment , Minimize the request for natural resources, and minimize the pollution to the environment; secondly, the wood processing products must be harmless to the human body or the degree of harmfulness must be controlled to a minimum. Therefore, the future viable woodworking machinery and wood industry products must be designed according to ergonomics and meet the requirements of environmental protection.

  4. More imitation of metalworking methods

    From the history of woodworking machinery development worldwide, wood processing methods tend to assimilate with metal processing methods. Can we boldly predict that in the future wood will be reshaped like forged steel ingots. More imitation of metalworking means.

  5. High-tech intervention in woodworking machinery

    Promoting automation and intelligence No matter the application of CNC processing technology in woodworking machinery or the popularization of computer technology, it indicates that high-tech is advancing in various technical fields.

  6. Benefit from scale

    Judging from the current wood processing enterprises or woodworking machinery and equipment, there is a trend of large-scale and large-scale. There is still a large market for backward and simple woodworking machinery in my country at this stage, and many wood processing enterprises are still implementing labor-intensive business models. In the future, wood processing enterprises will inevitably follow the path of industrialization, large-scale and large-scale development.

    With the increasing emphasis on energy saving and consumption reduction, the trend of lightweight woodworking machinery in the furniture industry is very obvious. All aspects of furniture processing machinery have been widely used in domestic furniture production enterprises, but they still need to cooperate with the use of furniture information systems. The information age has come, and only by keeping pace with the times can we quickly adapt to internal and external changes.

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