Highly Automatic Model TM3000P with Roll-over Table for Higher Efficiency
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Highly Automatic Model TM3000P with Roll-over Table for Higher Efficiency

  • TM3000P

  • ZHT


Vacuum Membrane Press with Automatic Pin Support System Specification TM3000P Feature:

1. Fast speed: The working period of ordinary workpiece is less than 2 minutes after it enters the main machine, which is 2-4 times of the efficiency of common positive and negative pressure membrane pressure equipment.

2. Good effect: The product processed by common film has clear groove, no open side, bubbling, no color difference, and high light working surface has strong adhesion, and the effect reaches the international leading level.

3. Low energy consumption: The total power of the machine is 43KW, which is one half of that of the peer equipment;The main heating starting power is 18KW, and the average power consumption is 13KW/h.

4. High configuration: The key part of the machine adopts original parts from Germany, Japan and Taiwan, which is high configuration and stable performance.

5. High working efficiency: The whole machine adopts automatic top block. Compared with other domestic manufacturers, it saves the technological process of making the pad, saves the cost of process raw materials, saves the scanning sequence of the pad of the equipment, saves the time of laminating process, greatly improves the working efficiency and reduces the labor cost.

6. High degree of automation: The machine is equipped with automatic fabric selection tilting rack, automatic film cutting device, automatic gasket device, laminating device of pressing machine, pallet lifting device and finished product rollover collection device, etc., with high degree of automation, smooth and close process and one-stop film-covering process production.The height of the top block can be selected 12, 15 and 18 mm, solving the phenomenon that the high-light sample block is not in place.

Technical parameter


13800mm x 2820mm x 5200mm

Bed dimension

3000mm x1270mm

Maximum machining height


Maximum working area

3000 x1150(1300)mm

Total power


Actual power consumption


Total weight


vacuum degree

Positive≤0.6Mpa Negative ≧-0.095Mpa

Upgrade improvements

  • The walking guide is made in Taiwan, and the workbench walks more smoothly.

  • The racks are all sandblasted to enhance corrosion resistance.

  • The lifting balance system is easy to adjust, and the rise and fall are more stable.

  • Hydraulic system oil port improvement and maintenance is more convenient.

  • The aluminum frame is processed by one body, and no weld seam increases the strength.

Silicone plate life

The silicone plate is imported from Korea and can be used for 3-4 months (about 1000 hours) and can be repaired. (This accessory is not covered by the warranty)

Differences from other machine

1. Low energy consumption: The press adopts nano heating mode, which has heat conduction heating and infrared radiation heating at the same time. The heating power per hour is about 10KW, which saves half of the electricity cost compared with other manufacturers. And the heating is even and reliable.

2, work efficiency: high yield of coated workpieces, fast work cycle, short cycle, a film finished product process is about 3 minutes and a half.

3, reduce labor costs: the machine operators always need 3-4 people, is one-half of the peer equipment. There are 2 people in the table, 1 person in the station (1 person can be borrowed from the table), 1 person in the trimming position; 6 people in the same position, 2 people in the table, 1 person in the station, pull The film position is 2 people, and the trimming position is 1 person.

4. large capacity: standard operation 350-400 flat / day, peers are 320-360 flat / day; non-standard operation 230-270 flat / day, peers are 200-240 flat / day.

5. The lifting of the top block is faster: the top block can realize the locking of the corresponding height due to the principle of gravity action, and the operation is simple and practical. There is no scanning mechanism, which saves the workpiece from entering the press preparation time, the work cycle is shorter, and the work efficiency is higher.

6. The top block connection does not fall: the connection between the top block and the bottom plate is locked by an aluminum sleeve, which not only increases the strength of the aluminum plate, but also prevents the top block from being taken out when flipping and sucking, thereby prolonging the service life of the bottom plate.

7. Cover protection and safety: The equipment cover is beautiful in appearance and designed by professional industrial designers. The corresponding parts are also equipped with protective nets to achieve double protection.

8. Air film pressure: The equipment has two modes: air film pressure and silica gel film pressure. Users can choose the membrane pressure method at will. The choice is flexible and convenient, greatly improving the service life of the silicone membrane and saving the operating cost of the plant.

9. Fast suction speed: The vacuum pumping speed of the suction pump is 200 cubic meters per hour, the pumping speed is fast, and the pumping time is short.

10. High-quality oil cylinder: 8 cylinders of press, cylinder diameter is 180, Rexroth quality cylinder, greatly reducing the probability of oil leakage, improving the stability of the equipment, the jacking pressure is relatively abundant, and it is not easy to leak when charging positive pressure. After a few years of use, the base plate may undergo some deformation, and after the lifting pressure of the cylinder is raised, the press can continue to be used, which prolongs the service life of the press.

11. High yield: Since the photoelectric scanning mechanism is not required, there is no possibility that the yield of the workpiece is greatly reduced.





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