How to choose the best membrane balloon vacuum press machine
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How to choose the best membrane balloon vacuum press machine

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How to choose the best membrane balloon vacuum press machine?

You need to zoom in to the difference between membrane balloon vacuum presses, expected performance and quality levels. For delicate and faultless manufacture, it is obligatory to take how much pressure is exerted in the inatmospheric environment pressure into consideration.

High Quality PVC Membrane Veneer Roller Coating Vacuum Hot Press Machine Door Cabinets PVC Vacuum Membrane Press Machine (16)

Shenyang ZHT 3D patented PIN system membrane press machine with its superior features is equipped with features that cannot be copied by amateurs on the contrary to systems in vacuum press and the necessary test such as pressure or suchlike in the special environments by the experts.

The machinery that exert pressure from upper side are membrane and balloon presses. The vacuum presses do not exert pressure from upper side and there is a huge difference between these. There is enormously big difference and is complicated. It has been developed not only for furniture but also for building, automotive, steel plating and plastic industry.


Shenyang Zhanhongtu Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd ‘s vacuum membrane press with top and bottom vacuum system which is used in more than 30 countries in an active way has also some features that shall not be missed out such as: pressure upper surface plate- pressure hot air circulation system- Environment pressure- air distribution system- Internal environment air conditioning- composing an airless environment – graduated printing – Shock printing – electronic pressure control – electronic vacuum control –  double vacuum unit – Solid state plate heating,   –  Solid state terrace heating – crease smoothing system –  preparation before press.


Vacuum membrane press machine with PIN system- the best of its class


Vacuum press has been used in the suchlike manufactures as it is easy to be learnt and there is no need for qualified personnel. It is storable, economic etc. and covers motive kitchen cabinets, door wings, chair and table plates and shower cabin made of materials such as PVC foil, transfer folio, natural covering, high glass, acrylic, pp leather, as well as covering simultaneously the membrane and without membrane, 3 dimensional smart, narrow angle slopes, sharp edges, surfaces and edges in not only furniture but also buildings, automotives, steel covering and plastic industry.



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