Mr. Muteti from Kenya successfully finished training at ZHT factory
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Mr. Muteti from Kenya successfully finished training at ZHT factory

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On the day of 24, July, 2019, Mr. Muteti from Kenya satisfactorily finished all mechnical trainings and miscellaneous matters on machine forwarding, rounded off his journey in Shenyang.


After first day's initial awareness of mechanical configuration, skillful technician to ZHT patiently and meticulously made a introduction and instruction on parameter setting and precautions while working machine, as machine is easy to operate, Mr. Muteti quickly got aware of it. He from time to time took note of some key points as well as recordings through videos or photos, and our expert willingly repeated all points that need pay attention to so as to make sure Muteti could master all essentials. This is ZHT's principle: Client foremost, and we attach importance to after-sales services. That is why we have won good reputation in the woodworking industry.

After that, Mr. Muteti continued to discuss with our staff about machine forwarding, measuring the sizes of model TM2580F and studying issues of potential happenings. Getting aware of concrete programme on wrapping and transportation, he was satisfied with our proposals. 


The next day, he went around to visit local end-users in Shenyang for real situation of ZHT machine operation in the company of Mr. Wang, founder of ZHT. After seeing the whole process and some characteristic sample pieces, he cheerfully gave a thumbs-up to all present. Finished all business investigations, Mr. Muteti showed his heartfelt compliments and gratefully acknowledge our warm receptions and Mr. Wang getting around to company him around Shenyang. Muteti said he would report all information he received and all enthusiastic hospitality to his boss and strive to set up long-term business relationship with ZHT. Judged by on-site inspection and wonderful after-sales services, he believe that ZHT is a reliable manufacturer and partner in cooperation. He will make his good effort to publicize ZHT and its good-performance machinery. 

As a professional woodworking manufacturer specializing in vacuum membrane press machine among top three in China, ZHT strives to provide all clients with quality products and best services as a reliable partner. We welcome all clients to visit our factories to see how our machinery work and all real situations to make clear all questions and doubts. ZHT will stand by you forever!  

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