The biggest emerging market and new hotspot for woodworking machinery in South America - Brazil
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The biggest emerging market and new hotspot for woodworking machinery in South America - Brazil

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As an international super-emerging economic market, Brazil's total GDP is 2 trillion US dollars, ranking seventh in the world's total GDP, second in the Americas only to the United States.
Brazil and China, as members of the BRIC countries, have expanded their trade relations. More and more Chinese companies are optimistic about the huge economic potential of Brazil in the future and choose to invest in Brazil.
According to statistics, China's manufacturing accounts for 20% of Brazil's total imports, and China's furniture market in Brazil has a share of about 35%. It has become Brazil's largest source of furniture imports.The Brazilian economy is expected to grow at a rate of 4 percentage points per year over the next two decades.
By 2030, Brazil's gross national product will reach US$20.4 billion, ranking eighth in the world, and its domestic consumer market will surpass France and the UK to become the fifth largest consumer market in the world.
The demand for Brazilian woodworking machinery, hardware and building materials is also growing. Although due to the unique characteristics of woodworking machinery, hardware and building materials, shipping is relatively expensive, and the relative technical barriers are not high, and the external dependence is relatively small.
However, in recent years, its imports have gradually increased, and it is thought to be dominated by medium and high-end building materials. It shows that with the development of the Brazilian market, its corresponding demand will also expand, and its dependence on foreign countries will increase.
The Brazilian market has also become a new growth point for the export of woodworking machinery and hardware building materials in China.
In recent years, the Brazilian furniture market has gradually matured, and consumers are particularly fond of Asian furniture that emphasizes creativity and individuality. Brazil's market share of imported furniture has gradually expanded with the development of the furniture market.
Brazil has always pursued a policy of friendship with China and bilateral strategic partnerships have been further deepened.
Chinese furniture exporters, as well as manufacturers of woodworking machinery, hardware tools and materials, should seize policy opportunities, increase technology research and development, implement integrated marketing strategies and brand strategies, and form technological advantages and brand advantages, with unique and affordable Chinese products. The low quality opens the market in Brazil and throughout South America.

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