The whole process of lamination of door manufacture
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The whole process of lamination of door manufacture

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The process of making thermoplastic door

The thermoplastic door, namely, PVC door, are generally made out of MDF. It has some outstanding features like rich gloss and unique style, etc. Meanwhile, it is a good choice for consumers due to easy maintenance and high cost efficiency. The door generally are manufactured according to procedures as follows:

Ⅰ. Preparation and cutting of MDF material

All boards to be machined shall be cut according to sizes and dimensions designated by requirements. The MDF boards shall be of good quality free from porosity.



Ⅱ. Carving figures

Figures on MDF boards shall be realized by CNC router through programming software set in advance. CNC router has different models with more or less cutters. Generally speaking, the more cutters equipped, the easier the work is. After long time working, cutters shall be replaced to maintain good performance.

Ⅲ. Milling and punching

Use hand mill to finish on the surface and edges of MDF machined for smoothness, if possible, it might as well to finish edges by milling machine to achieve better visual effect. If budget allows, it would be better to operate all round by automatic milling machine for saving labors and higher efficiency. Meanwhile, punching two holes at one side shall be done for assembly as well as milling locally.

Ⅳ. Glue application and drying

After milling, all MDF boards are to be applied with special glue for vacuum plastic suction. MDF placing together by types and dimensions shall be applied with glue uniformly and thoroughly on surface and all edges. After spraying glue, all boards shall be treated for drying in several minutes.

Ⅴ. Secondary milling

All MDFs glued shall be under secondary milling to avoid particles arising out of uneven gluing, which is essential to product effect. It is noted that it is necessary that milling place and glue room shall be equipped with dedusting device, not only make workshop clean, but also keep MDF plates away from dust for satisfactory laminating effect.

Ⅵ. Film laminating

Before film laminating, first blow duct and foreign objects off the MDF plates, check the machine if it is in good condition. Start the machine for pre-heating. Commissioning of vacuum pump shall be done to check if it works smoothly. After all that works, pull the membrane over MDF that are placed over base plates and cut it off to fix it firmly around. Enter the bench into working area to make the film closely attached to MDF boards. When coming out, laminating MDF with membrane shall be cut and taken out of the bench.

Ⅶ. Finalizing by Edge finishing and wrapping

Cut remains of film off finished MDF boards and finish all faces, finalizing by wrapping finished products and delivering off workshop for clients.

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