ZHT gets back to working condition after 2020 Chinese New Year Holiday
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ZHT gets back to working condition after 2020 Chinese New Year Holiday

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ZHT is going back to working condition as of 24, Feb. 2020 after Chinese New Year holiday. Welcome all clients at home and abroad visit us in due time and all friends are assured of warm reception. 


As is well known that rampant coronavirus has been widespread around the China and the China government has been making great efforts to fight against the virus and has saved many infected Chinese people's lives. Now the coronavirus is in the control after applying medical resources and dispatching so many local and out-of-town medical staff that throw cautions to the wind and donate lives to the battle against the virus outbreak. We firmly believe China finally must eliminate the virus and it would get back to normal life again. 


The last year was a banner year. ZHT signed contracts with overseas clients from Africa, Mid-East, Southeastern Asia as well as eastern europe. We won't sit on the laurels and keep fighting for more prosperous achievements in the long run. ZHT would like to open arms to set up amicable and cooperative business relationship with all friends based on mutual respect and benefits for win-win situation. Welcome all friends to pay a visit to our factory to watch how our machinery works and we believe you would be impressed by our state-of-the-art technology and stable performance. ZHT would be your best choice for furniture lamination. 


Thanks so much to all clients for long-term support and confidence in us. We adhere to the principle 'Client-Oriented, Quality Foremost' and commit to supply all clients with quality machinery and best services as a reliable partner. ZHT will always stand behind you for rapid and sustainable corporate development!   

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, comments, or recommendations !




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