how much TM2580F?
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how much TM2580F?

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How much TM2580F?

The price is from USD 40000 to more .

This is positive and negative press machine , can make all kinds of products , such as high gloss product and handleless door , kitchen door with glass , wardrobe door etc.

                                                                             high glossy TM2580F     handleless door   1562293967776


1. The frame is welded by the whole steel plate, with high mechanical strength, not easy to deform and crack, and high stability.

2. The hydraulic system has good stability and good sealing effect.

3. Imported electrical components, more stable performance.

4. The tray is equipped with a shock-absorbing pad, which reduces inertial buffering, protects the machine from damage, and keeps the machine in normal operation for a long time.

5. The speed of the table entering the table can be controlled, but it is not too fast or too slow, and the speed is adjusted according to the work requirements.

6. The aluminum plate is used for heating. The aluminum plate has good thermal conductivity, uniform heating, and no local burning phenomenon, which is conducive to the perfect bonding of the film. Others use oil pipe heating

7. Oil cylinder: imported solid, diameter 180mm, 6 oil cylinders.

8. Vacuum pump: 100 (TM2580F) 


Positive and negative pressure 2580F

Pipeline distribution: positive pressure on the left, negative pressure on the right

Temperature: heating 128° in winter, heating 120°-125° in summer, preheating time 20 minutes in summer, 30 minutes in winter

The first three heating control 18 heating tubes in batches to make the heating temperature more uniform.

The temperature is the same when doing high-light and matte, and the high-light heating time is slightly longer.

Pressure: 6 pressures: 1 pressure for vacuum, 5 pressures for positive pressure

Silicone plate release: separate the silicone plate from the PVC to prevent the PVC from being stuck (rebound) by the silicone plate.

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