About the process of PVC blister film
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About the process of PVC blister film

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PVC film can be covered on the surface of various boards, such as MDF, veneer boards, sheet boards, fiberboards, block boards, PVC profiles, and high-pressure floor slabs of other materials, used asbestos boards, slate boards, aluminum and plastic profiles. Pvc film is used in interior decoration and furniture manufacturing industry.


The production process of PVC blister film is more detailed, let's talk about its production process next.

1. First of all, let me introduce the mold making process: we need to make plastic molds in advance according to the corresponding specifications. The commonly used material is plaster, which is used to make plastic packaging molds. In addition, there are wood carving and metal carving products. To make a mold, after the plaster mold is completed, drying measures are required. According to the distribution of the plaster surface, use 1~2mm drills and drill some small holes in the low recesses. If it is like a packaging box, you can also It is necessary to drill some small holes around the periphery, so that the air can be drawn out as soon as possible during blister production. The next step is to harden the plaster mold, which can be soaked in concentrated alum saturated solution and then dried.

2. After the mold is dry, the next step is to install the mold on the upper iron plate of the vacuum chamber, and then cut the plastic sheet into a suitable size according to the size of the mold, and then put the sheet into the heating Among the wooden cabinets, after fixing them, put the wooden cabinets together with the plastic sheet on the constant temperature furnace for softening and heating treatment.

3. After heating, put it in the vacuum chamber, and then we will turn on the suction switch. This is mainly to suck the air in the vacuum chamber. craft mold.

4. The last step is to carry out blister packaging. We need to trim and arrange the produced blister film, and then pack it before it can flow into the market.


PVC blister film, which is often used in furniture packaging and food packaging, has a wide range of applications. As a polymer blister film, it is mostly used for furniture decoration and maintenance. When we buy some new furniture, such as cabinets, wardrobes, and solid wood desks, we can stick a layer of plastic film on the furniture. The main function is to prevent wear and corrosion, and extend the life of the furniture virtually. service life.

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