Upper Pressure Vacuum Membrane Press Machine
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Upper Pressure Vacuum Membrane Press Machine

  • TM-2580F Vakum Üst Basınç Membran Makinası A
    TM-2580F Vakumlu Üst Basınç Membran Makinesi, yüksek verimlilik, düşük enerji tüketimi ve üstün kaliteye sahip, son teknoloji ürünü bir laminasyon çözümüdür. Manganez çelikten yapılmış sağlam bir çerçeveye sahip bu ekipman, stabilite ve dayanıklılık için Alman, Japon ve Tayvanlı bileşenlere sahiptir. Gelişmiş teknoloji hızlı işleme, net kanallar ve düşük enerji tüketimi sağlar. Otomatik çift istasyonlu çalışma ve uzun ömürlü silikon plaka, onu hassas ve etkili membran presleme için güvenilir bir seçim haline getiriyor. Bu yüksek konfigürasyonlu laminasyon makinesiyle birinci sınıf performansı deneyimleyin.
  • TM3000F/PIN-S Scanning Cushion Vacuum Membrane Press Patented Technology A
    PIN scanning is an efficient process utilizing automated laser scanning to precisely locate workpieces on the workbench. This technology enables fast cycle completion, with ordinary and high-gloss workpieces entering and exiting the main machine within 2 minutes, 2-4 times more efficient than standard positive and negative pressure membrane press machines. PIN scanning enhances production efficiency, ensuring quality and precise positioning.
  • TM-2580F Vacuum Upper Pressure Membrane Machine A
    TM-2580F Vacuum Upper Pressure Membrane Machine is a cutting-edge laminating solution featuring high efficiency, low energy consumption, and superior quality. With a robust frame made of manganese steel, this equipment boasts German, Japanese, and Taiwanese components for stability and durability. The advanced technology ensures fast processing, clear grooves, and low energy consumption. The automatic double-station operation and extended-life silicone plate make it a reliable choice for precise and efficient membrane pressing. Experience top-notch performance with this high-configuration laminating machine.
  • Best-Selling TM5000 Film Laminating Machine for PVC Paint-free Doors
    This machine is a specialized vacuum laminating equipment for paint-free doors, capable of surface decoration with various high-end PVC, wood-like materials, stone patterns, leather, and other PVC materials. The extra-large 5-meter worktable can complete the lamination of two door skins at once, or PVC can be cut according to the size of the workpiece, saving film material.
  • Best-Selling TM4500 PVC Doors Vacuum Membrane Press Machine
    This machine is the model especially for pvc doors, it can laminate vacuum pvc film on all kinds of PVC, copy wood,copy stone,leather. The large table of 4.5 meters can complete the pasting of two door skins at a time.
  • A Level Vacuum Membrane Press Machine with Three Trays TM3000P-3
    Our advanced assembly line revolutionizes production with optimal efficiency. Operated by just three individuals, it boasts a rapid cycle time of under 2 minutes, achieving 2-4 times the efficiency of traditional press machines. With precise groove detailing, impeccable finish, and high-gloss adhesion, our machine sets an international standard. Featuring top-tier components from Germany, Japan, and Taiwan, it ensures stability and reliability. The fully automated design, equipped with various devices, enhances productivity and reduces labor costs, making it a one-stop solution for seamless membrane processing.



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