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  • A Level TM-2580F Vacuum Upper Pressure Membrane Machine
    TM-2580F Vacuum Upper Pressure Membrane Machine is a cutting-edge laminating solution featuring high efficiency, low energy consumption, and superior quality. With a robust frame made of manganese steel, this equipment boasts German, Japanese, and Taiwanese components for stability and durability. The advanced technology ensures fast processing, clear grooves, and low energy consumption. The automatic double-station operation and extended-life silicone plate make it a reliable choice for precise and efficient membrane pressing. Experience top-notch performance with this high-configuration laminating machine.
  • A level MBF-450PUR-Ⅲ Hot Glue Wrapping Machine (PUR)
    Key features of the MBF-450PUR-Ⅲ include high precision wrapping, automated wrapping solutions, and the ability to create customized edge profiles. The use of PUR adhesive ensures durable and reliable edge finishing, contributing to the production of high-quality furniture.
  • A level MBF-350PUR-Ⅲ Hot Glue Wrapping Machine (PUR)
    The MBF-350PUR-Ⅲ Hot Glue Wrapping Machine (PUR) is an advanced piece of woodworking equipment designed for efficient and precise edge banding in furniture manufacturing. Utilizing Polyurethane Hot Melt Adhesive (PUR) technology, this machine offers seamless wrapping and edge sealing for various wooden materials such as plywood, chipboard, and particleboard.
  • A Level MBF-1300 PUR Hot Glue Wrapping Machine (PUR)
    This machine is equipped with modern woodworking technology, providing an innovative and efficient solution for edge banding in the furniture industry. Its automated production capabilities enhance efficiency, making it suitable for a range of custom furniture designs. The MBF-1300 PUR is recognized for its reliability, speed, and professional edge finishing, making it a valuable asset in the field of furniture manufacturing.
  • A level TM2480A - High-Precision Negative Pressure Laminating System
    The TM-2480A is an advanced PVC Foil Vacuum Membrane Press Machine designed for precision laminating applications. With a bed dimension of 2550mm x 1100(1300)mm, this machine efficiently applies various PVC films to furniture, cabinets, and decoration wallboards. Its negative pressure system, rated at ≥-0.095Mpa, ensures optimal performance. The electric contact vacuum gauge and microcomputer temperature controller enable accurate control of vacuum pressure and temperature. The machine is equipped with top-tier 2X series vacuum pumps for stability. With features like an upgrade to walking guide and enhanced hydraulic system, the TM-2480A offers reliable, high-quality performance in the field of membrane pressing technology.
  • A level TM2480M - Vacuum Laminating Machine, Lamination Equipment, Wood-Plastic Composite
    The TM2480M, an Anti-Corrugation Model, is a cutting-edge vacuum laminating machine designed for versatility. With dimensions of 10300MM×1920MM×1730MM, it features a 2550(2350)MM×1150MM×40MM worktable. Powered by 15KW and weighing 2000(2500)KG, it accommodates workpieces up to 60MM in height. The TM series, incorporating German vacuum technology, efficiently laminates PVC films onto substrates like wood, stone, and leather. Its compact design, user-friendly operation, and automatic controls for processing time and temperature ensure high-quality production. The TM2480M, part of a diverse product line, is exported globally, meeting varied customer needs with options like manual, semi-automatic, and automatic models.



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