Blister molded door panel
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Blister molded door panel

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Blister molded door panel

I will start with these four aspects and explain to you through molded door panels. These four aspects, except the film can be directly observed, the substrate, adhesive and molding machine are all invisible, but they are closely related to quality and environmental protection.
The base material of blister molded door panel is only density board and multilayer board

Why can't it be particle board and solid wood?

[Particle board] Because the particle board is not sculptural, the particles of the particle board are too large, if you engrave on its surface, the result will be a rough and uneven shape!

[Solid wood] Although solid wood can be sculpted, if you directly carve the shape on the solid wood slab and then directly cover it, the woodiness of the solid wood will inevitably deform and crack. Therefore, most of the solid wood door panels you see are of tenon-and-mortise frame structure, which is not purely for good looks, but to degrade the wood properties and avoid deformation and cracking to the greatest extent.


Of course, for the sake of simplicity, many people have made solid wood door panels into pure flat panels, and the back of the door must also be inlaid with wooden beams. To achieve a stable effect.

The negative textbooks of particle board and solid wood explain in reverse why MDF and multilayer board can be used as the base material of molded door panels: because they have plasticity and higher stability!

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