Booming whole-house furniture customization market
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Booming whole-house furniture customization market

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In recent years, one of the biggest trends in the Chinese furniture market is the rapid growth of customized furniture. The acceptance of the customized furniture market has increased year by year, and the impact on traditional finished furniture and movable furniture has become more and more obvious. Major custom furniture companies have successively launched a large home strategy, extending from the original in-wall storage cabinets (cabinet, wardrobe, bookcase, etc.) to other furniture categories. The popularization of overall home improvement and 3D home improvement design software has promoted the development of furniture consumption from the purchase of single-product furniture to complete sets of purchases based on the overall living space.

Custom furniture companies have a large category extension space. In addition to custom products such as living room cabinets and bedroom cabinets, companies can also cut into sofas, mattresses and other finished furniture through extensions, OEMs, and brand cooperation, and even imitate international furniture such as IKEA The brand is involved in household goods and accessory accessories, and gradually has the ability to design and customize the whole house. Customized furniture companies have large business extension space and obvious synergy, which is in line with the trend of integrated consumption of furniture consumers. The custom furniture category has a very large extension space and is highly reproducible.

Molded blister is called the combination of material and process: suction refers to the process of vacuum suction; plastic refers to the surface PVC film; mold refers to the substrate before the PVC film is milled by the tool; pressure refers to This is the process of applying pressure when forming the PVC film.


The quality of molded blister products:

  1.  The quality of the base material directly determines the nail-holding ability of the product, the degree of deformation of the finished product and the environmental performance.

  2. The quality of the film skin, the quality of the film skin directly determines the grade and performance of the molded blister product. A good blister film must reach a certain thickness, the film skin should be uniformly glued, and the color must be stable. If the thickness of the PVC film is low, whitening and orange peel on the surface will occur when the edges and corners are pressed.

  3. Surface treatment, surface treatment is related to the overall image of the molded blister product. If the orange peel phenomenon is serious, the entire door panel looks darker, and the high-gloss blister door product is very obvious at this point.

  4. Workmanship problems, this is the most likely to cause trouble during use. The main problem is the adsorption at the corners. If there is a phenomenon of cracking, the product may undergo water absorption and deformation during use and the PVC film itself may crack. 

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