Caring and maintenance of cladding machine
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Caring and maintenance of cladding machine

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The decorative materials used by people can only be used normally through the paint process. In this process, the coating machine plays a very important role. Any paint process will use the coating machine, and it is widely used in this field. The use of any kind of machinery and equipment will have a life span, and its life span mainly depends on how people use it. Some people do not pay attention to its maintenance and maintenance during use, which causes the machine to be damaged in a short period of time and cannot be used normally, causing your work to fail; while some people have a good habit of using the machine. The service life is longer, many failures are avoided during use, and the work efficiency is higher. Therefore, the maintenance of the cladding machine is very important. What kind of maintenance and maintenance do we need to do for the coating machine in normal use?

  1. The working environment should be kept clean to prevent dust from falling into the gluing system and affecting the quality of gluing.

  2. The lubricating oil in the reducer should be replaced with new lubricating oil after the first use for one month, and it should be replaced every six months thereafter. If the workload is heavy, it should be replaced once every three months. When the temperature is high in summer, the lubricating oil of the reducer with high viscosity should be replaced. When the temperature is low in winter, the lubricating oil of the reducer with low viscosity should be replaced. Transmission system: For sprocket transmission, add butter once a month to the chain part. In the case of a gear transmission system, grease should be added to the turbine seat once every two weeks, and grease should be added twice a week if the turbine seat has no oil seal.

  3. After the work is completed, the main power supply must be turned off.

  4. When repairing or adjusting components, they should be handled by relevant professionals.

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