China`s woodworking machinery industry prospects for 2021
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China`s woodworking machinery industry prospects for 2021

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China`s woodworking machinery industry prospects for 2021

With the development of the times, the previous saw era has been replaced by today's woodworking mechanization. Although the use of a large number of electric tools has improved productivity and production efficiency, it has caused the traditional carpentry craft to fall into an embarrassing situation of lack of successors. By combining with dedicated production design software, intelligent production is truly realized. It can also solve the milling and engraving of a small amount of cabinet door panels. Save labor, material, and time!

The future wood processing enterprises will inevitably follow the development trend of industrialization, large-scale and large-scale. Now analyze the woodworking machinery industry trends from six major trends:


1. Improve the comprehensive utilization rate of wood. The trend analysis of woodworking machinery industry shows that the shortage of high-quality raw materials has become the main reason restricting the development of the wood industry due to the declining forest resources in China and even the world. Maximizing the utilization of catalogs is the main task of the wood industry. To develop all kinds of wood-based panel products and improve their quality and application range is the most effective way to use wood resources efficiently.

2. Improve production efficiency and automation. The woodworking machinery industry trend analysis shows that there are two ways to improve production efficiency: one is to shorten the processing time, and the other is to shorten the auxiliary time. To shorten the processing time, in addition to increasing the cutting speed and increasing the feed rate, the main measure is the concentration of processes.

3. Putting people first and achieving green environmental protection. The Chinese government's implementation of the two major systems construction of returning farmland to forests, natural forest protection projects, forestry and six major projects are all wise to protect the environment; the development of the wood processing industry must follow two principles. The first is to protect the environment, to minimize the demand for natural resources, and to analyze the trend of the woodworking machinery industry to minimize the pollution to the environment; the second is that wood processed products must be harmless to the human body or control the harmfulness to a minimum range. Therefore, the viable woodworking machinery and wood industry products in the future must be designed according to ergonomics and meet the requirements of environmental protection.

4. More imitate metal processing methods. The trend analysis of woodworking machinery industry shows that from the history of woodworking machinery development in the world, wood processing methods tend to be assimilated with metal processing methods. Can we boldly predict that in the future wood will be reshaped and shaped like forged steel ingots? More emulation of metal processing methods.

5. High-tech intervention in woodworking machinery, woodworking machinery industry trend analysis, promotion of automation, intelligence, whether the application of CNC machining technology in woodworking machinery, or the popularization of computer technology, it indicates that high-tech is advancing in various technical fields.

6. Drive benefits with scale. The trend analysis of woodworking machinery industry shows that from the current look at wood processing companies or woodworking machinery and equipment, there is a trend of large-scale and large-scale. There is still a large market for the backward and simple woodworking machinery in our country at this stage, and many woodworking machinery processing enterprises are still pursuing labor-intensive business models. In the future, wood processing companies will inevitably follow the path of industrialization, large-scale and large-scale development.

The woodworking machinery industry trend analysis shows that the development of enterprises must be supported by strong science and technology, increase the quality, applicability and economy of products, and continuously meet the different needs of the public, thereby promoting the development of market economy. And attach importance to technological innovation, learn from the business philosophy of foreign companies, develop independent research and development of innovative products, and improve product quality, in order to promote the development of the enterprise in a true sense.

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