Coating Machine Description And Introduction
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Coating Machine Description And Introduction

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Coating Machine Description and Introduction

First: Veneer Materials: PVC decorative film, decorative paper, solid wood veneer, Boeing board, composite aluminum film, etc. The width is determined based on the substrate requirements and the selected machine model, generally below 50 centimeters. For example, the maximum veneer width of the Model 300 Universal Coating Machine is 30 centimeters. Usually supplied in rolls.


Second: Substrate: Wood profiles, medium-density fiberboard, wood-plastic, plastic-steel, PVC, aluminum profiles, and other profiles. Substrate requirements: Regular linear profiles with grooves and curves are acceptable, but each point vertically must be a straight line. They should have a certain pressure resistance, and the length is generally from 40 centimeters to unlimited. Various forming pressure rollers are used to simulate the manual veneering action. The surface decorative material is attached to the surface of the substrate. Typically, the centerline or highest/lowest point of the profile is chosen as the starting point. The pressure roller follows the contour of the profile, fixing the position point by point and sequentially to form the envelope of the profile. As the profile moves in the conveying direction, the decorated material with adhesive passes through the pressure roller and the forming wheel, being gradually pressed point by point, achieving the composite work of the two.


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