Comparison of cold glue coating machine and hot glue coating machine
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Comparison of cold glue coating machine and hot glue coating machine

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There are two types of coating machines. The first is a machine that uses solvent-based glue. The traditional name is cold glue coating machine. The second type is a machine using hot glue. This type is a new type of machine improved on the basis of a cold glue coating machine. We call it a hot glue coating machine.


The difference between these two machines is that the former uses liquid two-component glue, which enters the upper drying tunnel for heating after being scraped by a scraper. The temperature is generally between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius, and the heated film is then pressed. Rolls for profile wrapping. The latter is that the glue is heated in the glue box, and the temperature is generally between 110 and 140 degrees Celsius. After the glue is scraped, it will not go through the oven for direct coating.

The advantages of the cold glue coating machine are: the cold glue coating machine is the earliest coating machine in the world, the technology is relatively mature, easy to operate, the glue and PVC film used for coating are relatively low cost, and can be applied to many countries. Glue and PVC film. The investment price of the machine is low; the disadvantage is that the glue is easy to volatilize when it enters the oven after scraping the glue, and produces a kind of smell. Although it will not cause harm to the human body, it is not conducive to environmental protection. After standing for 48 hours, the next step of processing is carried out, and the laminating speed is generally 6~~20 m/min.

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The advantages of the hot glue coating machine are: environmental protection, the glue is sealed well when heated in the glue bucket, and will not volatilize outside, and the laminating speed is relatively fast, generally at 0~~50 m/min; the disadvantage is: the price of the equipment is relatively high High, the cost of glue and PVC film used in processing is high, and the machine wastes a lot when covering small materials (capping, beading), because the speed is fast, it is not easy to control, it is easy to deviate, and the curing time of hot melt is very short , The benefit of laminating is higher than that of cold glue coating machine.

There is no difference in the lamination effect of cold glue and hot glue, but there are differences in environmental protection and lamination cost.

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