Development status of my country's woodworking machinery market Analysis of supply and demand pattern of woodworking machinery market
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Development status of my country's woodworking machinery market Analysis of supply and demand pattern of woodworking machinery market

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In recent years, the rapid changes in woodworking machinery products have also reflected the need for woodworking machinery to be more flexible and agile to adapt to the needs of customized furniture production. Whether a machine or a production line can have more flexible, diverse, and intelligent performance will become increasingly important.

The development of woodworking machinery follows the development of market demand, which depends on the preferences of end consumers, and Chinese consumers are (one of) the most picky consumers in the world. With the crazy rise in housing prices, the houses that China's working class can afford are getting smaller and smaller. Traditional finished furniture cannot make the most of the limited housing space. The emergence of customized furniture has solved this pain point well. This is also Why custom furniture, especially panel custom furniture, has developed so rapidly and spawned a large number of listed companies in the furniture industry. Changes in terminal demand have promoted changes in enterprise production requirements. The original mass production model is no longer applicable. The market is in urgent need of flexible production solutions that adapt to small batches, multiple varieties, and multiple specifications.


At present, my country's woodworking machinery manufacturing industry has relatively accumulated funds, technology, talents, brands, etc. After more than 20 years of testing and training, some products have reached the advanced level of developed countries through technological digestion and absorption. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, manufacturing companies’ understanding of these equipments also changed. Simply imitating foreign products gradually transitioned to a higher level of independent innovation, and gradually won the trust of the market, providing a large number of equipment for the development of my country's furniture manufacturing, wood floor processing, artificial panels and secondary processing.

Although my country's woodworking machinery industry has made great progress, it still lags behind the world's advanced level. Basic theoretical research lags behind, original innovation is insufficient, core technologies are not well mastered, there are still gaps in key equipment manufacturing technology, business scale is small, and production efficiency is low. 

Due to the continuous reduction of forest resources domestically and worldwide, the shortage of high-quality raw materials has become the main factor restricting the development of the wood industry. Maximizing the purpose utilization rate is the main task of the wood industry. Developing various types of artificial board products and improving their quality and application range are the most effective ways to effectively utilize wood resources.

In order to achieve green and environmental protection, the conversion of farmland to forest, natural forest protection project, forestry system construction and six major project construction promoted by our government are all wise moves to protect the environment. The development of the wood processing industry must follow two principles. The first is Protect the environment with minimal demand for natural resources and minimal pollution to the environment. Second, wood processing products must be harmless or harmful to the human body to a minimum extent. Therefore, future vital woodworking machinery and wood products must be ergonomically designed and meet environmental requirements.

The development history of woodworking machinery worldwide shows that the assimilation of wood processing methods and metal processing methods is a trend. Can we boldly predict that in the future, wood will be reshaped and reshaped like a forged steel ingot? More like a metalworking approach.

At present, there is a trend of large-scale and large-scale wood processing enterprises or woodworking machinery and equipment. Our country is relatively backward at this stage. There is still a large market for simple woodworking machinery, and many woodworking machinery processing companies are still implementing a labor-intensive business model. In the future, woodworking machinery processing enterprises must take the development path of industrialization, scale and large-scale development.

Brand is a comprehensive reflection of product quality, product services, corporate management and core competitiveness. Rapidly improving product quality and technical level, cultivating a group of competitive, large-scale enterprises with independent innovation capabilities, and striving to build a Chinese woodworking machinery product brand should be the development direction and goal of woodworking machinery in the future.

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