Difference between cladding machine and vacuum membrane press machine
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Difference between cladding machine and vacuum membrane press machine

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Universal coating machine

Universal coating machine is suitable for the production of PVC, decorative paint paper and solid wood veneer on the surface of various lines such as wood, aluminum-plastic profiles, foam materials, etc. Instead of the traditional paint process, it is used for the production of surface coverings such as door liners, skirting lines, gussets, curtain rods, window sills, aluminum alloy doors and windows, and photo frames. 

I. Working principle: Using various molding press wheels to simulate the manual veneer action, attach the surface decoration material to the surface of the substrate. Generally, the center line or the highest point or the lowest point of the profile is selected as the starting point, and the press wheel is along the surface of the profile. The contour is fixed point by point and in sequence to form the envelope of the profile contour. When the profile moves in the conveying direction, the glued decorative material is rolled point by point through the pressing roller and the forming wheel to realize the combined work of the two.


II. Covering material:  

1. Substrate: wood molding, medium density board, wood plastic, plastic steel, PVC, aluminum profile and other lines. Base material requirements: It is a regular line profile, which can have grooves and curved surfaces, but each point must be a straight line in the longitudinal direction, with a certain pressure resistance, and the length is generally more than 40 cm to infinite.

2. Veneer materials: PVC decorative film, decorative paper, solid wood leather, Boeing board, composite aluminum film, etc. The width is determined according to the needs of the substrate and the selected model, generally less than 50 cm. For example, the widest laminating width of the 300-type universal laminating machine is 30 cm. Generally used in rolls.

III. Mechanical type:

Universal coating machines are generally divided into two types: cold glue and hot glue.


1. The cold glue coating machine uses liquid glue. Liquid glue can be divided into solvent glue and water-based glue, and there are two ways to apply glue: scraping and roller coating. The volatile solvent glue is applied by scraping, and the glue box is convenient to seal to prevent the coating glue from volatilizing. Water-based glues and solvent glues with low volatility are generally applied by rollers, which is easy to handle.

2. The hot glue coating machine uses solid glue, which is heated and melted in the hot glue box of the coating machine. Generally, the heating temperature of the coating glue is about 220℃. It is suitable for coating solid wood leather and decorative paint paper.

3. Combination type coating machine, in order to meet the needs of different production and production, universal coating machine has cold glue hot glue combination type, cold glue scraping and roll coating combination type, etc.

The difference between vacuum press machine and cladding machine has the following four points: 


1. Different thicknesses of blister and laminating process are basically based on density board, and on the basis of different processes to cover patterns and patterns, the thickness of blister film is usually higher than The coating film should be thick. 

2. The coverage of different blister film is generally 5 sides, and the covering film is generally 6 sides. 

3. The molding method is different by the blister process. The molding is made in one piece, the high-temperature softening film is then bonded, and the cladding molding is superimposed by grooves and adopts a cold process. 

4. The difference between whether or not the edge is sealed. The blister process usually has no edge seal, and the cladding process has edge seal.

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