Electrostatic powder spraying, a new door panel process that you don't know yet! ! !
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Electrostatic powder spraying, a new door panel process that you don't know yet! ! !

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Electrostatic powder spraying door panels, as the name implies, use the principle of electrostatic to decorate the surface of the panels so that the surface of the panels is covered with a layer of powder coating. Its core advantage is that it does not need to use solvents. Through low-temperature electrostatic powder spraying technology, it uses electrostatic adsorption for solid-state spraying to achieve green environmental protection, zero pollution, zero formaldehyde and zero VOC.

At the same time, through the original infrared curing process, when the powder is cured at high temperature, the original free formaldehyde inside the board is completely volatilized. Even if there are fish that slip through the net, they will be completely sealed by the powder coating on the surface.

Technical advantages:

  • 100% solid powder coating

    The powder is solvent-free, non-toxic and tasteless, and the powder utilization rate exceeds 98%. The production process does not produce waste water and waste gas, which is environmentally friendly and efficient.

  • Electrostatic adsorption coloring

    With the help of air as the dispersion medium, the electrostatic adsorption method is used to make the powder firmly adsorb on the surface of the board.

  • Infrared Medium Wave Baking

    The high temperature of 110°C~130°C effectively cures the surface powder to ensure that the shape and toughness of the wood are not damaged, and at the same time seals the exudation of harmful substances in the wood, which is equivalent to the secondary purification of environmental protection.

  • Fully automatic production line

    The integrated process design, from the entry of raw materials to the completion of the product, avoids manual errors to the greatest extent, and ensures high-efficiency quality, which greatly improves the application scope and production efficiency of wood furniture.

  • Six-sided seamless coating

    The surface of the board forms a 360° completely closed coating, which can achieve good moisture-proof, waterproof and anti-corrosion effects.

Product advantages:

  • No need for edge banding, to meet various special-shaped designs

    Six-sided seamless powder spraying process, no need for edge sealing, free design to meet various special-shaped designs, such as: can be used as a hidden handle to achieve a minimalist effect, and used on unusual shapes, edges, depressions and contours, allowing Imaginative new substrate designs and semi-finished assembly.

  • Health and environmental protection, zero release of harmful substances

    The non-toxic and odorless resin powder is cured on the board, sealing the entire board, eliminating harmful substances from the source, achieving true zero formaldehyde, zero VOC release, zero heavy metal, etc. Health concept.

  • Waterproof, moistureproof, long service life

    100% solid powder coating, high quality and strong adhesion, under the blessing of Fanrong's unique technology, it has excellent performance in waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, etc., and prolongs the service life.

  • Rich colors, showing different decorative effects

    Powder coating is rich in color, has different decorative effects such as surface sanding, and has better chemical resistance and durability than traditional liquid coatings.

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