Features of vacuum membrane press machine
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Features of vacuum membrane press machine

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Features of vacuum membrane press machine

Features of vacuum laminating machine:

1: There are two movable worktables, which are driven by the worktable motor and enter and exit automatically.

vacuum membrane press machine

2: The work surface of the machine adopts high-strength steel plate, which will not be deformed for a long time under high temperature

3: The vacuum pump is customized according to the machine, with stable performance and fast pumping.

Busch vacuum pump

4: Worktable size Big one is 3 meters * 1.4 meters Small one is 2.65 meters * 1.25 meters (different sizes can be customized according to customer requirements).

5: The heating method adopts the whole aluminum row heating, and the auxiliary heating of the heating tube ensures that the temperature in the entire working area is consistent, so that the PVC film utilization rate is higher, the heating is uniform, and there will be no orange peel, bubbles, and corners.

6: Adopt rack drive, walking speed uniform, frequency conversion speed regulation, the workpiece will not move in and out of the worktable, and better cover the workpiece.

7: The operating system is an integrated control system. It can store 8 commonly used parameters. From the perspective of use, it is simple to operate, saves time, prolongs the service life of electrical appliances, and saves costs.

control panel

8: This machine is widely used in cabinets, wardrobes, paint-free doors, composite doors, etc., and can also be used as sliding door soft packs, thermal transfer printing, film-coated wood veneers, etc. (plus silicone plates).


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