General Woodworking Machinery Maintenance Tips
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General Woodworking Machinery Maintenance Tips

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First of all, equipped with full-time or part-time electrical maintenance and repair personnel, regular  woodworking machinery maintenance and repair of woodworking machinery and electrical appliances. Woodworking machinery and electrical appliances have high requirements for the maintenance personnel’s professional level.

The general electrical personnel of furniture factories still have certain difficulties in the maintenance of difficult mechanical and electrical equipment. However, under the guidance of the machine manufacturer, the daily maintenance and regular maintenance of the electrical appliance can be done, and the accidents caused by the use of woodworking machinery and electrical appliances can be eliminated at any time.

In addition, in the process of mechanical use, it is necessary to scientifically estimate the power of the machine and the reasonable configuration of the meter capacity. After adding new machinery and equipment, furniture manufacturers must re-estimate the total power. If the original electrical capacity is insufficient, it must be increased. It cannot wait until the machine stop working and then increase power.

If only add machines does not increase the power consumption capacity, which is equivalent to burying the hidden dangers of electrical disasters.

The electrical circuit must be inspected regularly, and the old cable with insufficient cross-sectional area must be replaced to ensure enough power for the using of mechanical and electrical equipment. In the case of regional voltage stability, and  the voltage of single machine is unstable, we can consider replacing the cable; in the case of regional voltage is not stable, we can consider adding power capacity and replacing the cable.

Finally, we must adjust usage frequency of power and make reasonable use of electrical energy. Some machine’s power are big, some are small, during the production of furniture, it is necessary to reasonably match the machinery with different power levels ,to keep the relative balance of mechanical power consumption in unit time.

With the increasing of furniture products, woodworking machinery is also growing, we should pay more attention to woodworking machinery maintenance and safety, not only can improve the efficiency of furniture processing, but also effectively extend the life of the machine.

Pay attention to the regular repair of woodworking machinery, including the following three points:

1.Minor repair work

(1) Partial disassembly severely worn or damaged spare part.

(2) Cleaning the removed parts and components for repair or replacement;

(3) Inspect the spindle, the cutter shaft and the saw shaft ,and repair it if necessary;

(4) Repair or replace consumable parts such as bearings, guides and other friction surfaces;

(5) Repair/trim the working surface of working table knife holder and guide bars;

(6) Inspect /adjust operating device, electrical interlocking device, switches and . Inspection and adjustment of switches and positioner;

(7) Adjust and repair of hydraulic system and lubrication device, replacement of oil:

(8) Inspect of the matching accuracy of the transmission parts, adjust the spring tension and adjust the uniformity of the tool holder and the movement of the working table:

(9) Inspect /adjust the protection devices and dust collector;

(10) Test the empty running of machine, check noise and soar, inspect work piece accuracy.

2.Major repair work

(1) Disassemble and clean all parts and components;

(2) Replace consumables and repair the spindle, cutter shaft and saw shaft;

(3) Repair working table, guiding device and friction surface;

(4) Repair hydraulic and lubrication equipment and replace oil;

(5) Replace the transmission parts and assemble the machine tool;

(6) Repair protective devices;

(7) Replace the worn rolling bearing. Bushing and bearing bush;

(8) Replace worn gears, sprockets, clutches, etc.;

(9) Replace the worn drive shaft, wire and coupling:

(10) Replace worn fasteners such as screw, keys, etc.;

(11) Replace worn belts, chains and other parts;

(12) Inspect the accuracy of the finished products and the machine according to the technical requirements;

(13) Check noise and temperature rise when the machine empty running;

(14) Spray new painting on the surface of the machine;

(15) Recovery marks, markings, scales and other signs.


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