How To Choose Environmentally Friendly PVC Decorative Film?
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How To Choose Environmentally Friendly PVC Decorative Film?

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PVC environmentally friendly decorative film has the characteristics of light weight, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, flame retardant, and easy construction. So, how to choose a good PVC environmentally friendly decorative film?

  1. Feel

    Inferior films use ordinary polyester film as the base material, which has no elasticity, lacks toughness, has no texture, is prone to wrinkles, and does not meet the basic safety and explosion-proof requirements of PVC decorative films.

  2. Color

    Inferior membranes are mainly dyed, and the principle is similar to cloth dyeing, and they are more likely to fade and become blurred. The high-quality film is manufactured using the magnetron sputtering process, which absorbs gold, silver, nickel, titanium and other precious and rare space metal atoms through a strong magnetic field. It not only has a uniform color, but also has a natural space metal color, making it rich and otherworldly; it not only has visual clarity High and excellent permeability.

  3. Clearance

    Clarity is determined by the substrate and manufacturing process used to make the film. Only solar films produced using the world's most advanced magnetron sputtering process can ensure extremely high clarity, because magnetron sputtering technology adsorbs rare metals to the surface of the film and does not contain any pigments or endothermic agents. , ensuring the clearest possible clarity. The real reaction of many inferior films is that after the windows are pasted with film, there are wavy patterns when looking out through the film, making things unclear and causing dizziness over time, thus affecting safety.

  4. Anti-scratch property

    There is no anti-scratch layer on the surface of inferior films, so if you rub it with your hands, scratches and discoloration will easily occur. However, high-quality films have professional anti-scratch layers on their surfaces. Z8 window film has a global patented anti-scratch layer DuroGard on its surface, which is not only more durable but also more durable. It is scratch-resistant, not easy to scratch, and will not discolor.

  5. Technical parameters

    According to optical principles, the higher the light transmittance, the lower the thermal insulation rate; the higher the reflectivity, the higher the thermal insulation rate. Therefore, the three major requirements of high light transmission, high heat insulation, and low reflection are the highest level of today's PVC environmentally friendly decorative film technology.

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