How To Choose PVC Plastic Film for Cabinets
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How To Choose PVC Plastic Film for Cabinets

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Nowadays, people's quality of life is gradually improving, and the development of the home decoration industry is also gradually rising with the increase in income. The innovative development of cabinet PVC blister film can not only decorate the home with freshness, but also make the quality of home decoration more durable. Next, let’s introduce the relevant knowledge of PVC blister film for cabinets, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

Cabinet PVC blister film is a decorative material made of PVC resin as the main raw material through mixing, calendering, vacuum blister and other processes. It has the characteristics of heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof and flame retardant. It has two types: soft PVC film and hard PVC film. Rigid PVC films are usually used on the market. Before buying, we need to understand our needs. It is mainly made of PVC and comes in a semi-yellow and translucent color. It is one of the more popular synthetic materials. PVC blister film is a surface protective film composed of three parts: paint, PVC and back coating adhesive.


It comes in many sizes, colors and patterns and is highly decorative. Suitable for decoration of interior walls and ceilings of living rooms. It is a widely used decorative material. Good cabinet door quality passes the test. The PVC film determines the color and texture displayed on the blister cabinet door panels. Therefore, the color and texture of cabinet PVC blister film are relatively rich, so there are many choices. There are four ways to distinguish the quality of PVC blister film cabinets: substrate quality, film quality, surface treatment and craftsmanship.

The quality of the base material determines whether the cabinet door panel has the ability to bite and clamp nails twice, as well as the degree of deformation and environmental performance of the blister panel. The density of a good blister door panel substrate is different from that of ordinary substrates. A better way to differentiate is to choose a small plate of the same size to weigh. High-density blister door panels have better nail-holding capabilities and less deformation.

The process problems of the PVC blister film in the cabinet can easily cause trouble during use, mainly reflected in the adsorption at the corners. If there is glue opening, the blister cabinet will deform during use and the film will crack due to water absorption. When selecting, you can pull out the adhesive part of the film and the board. A good blister board will not pull off with a little force.

Cabinet PVC blister film is a polymer synthetic material that is widely used in wires, steel pipes, furniture, hardware and other fields. The PVC film used for cabinet PVC blister film is usually 0.15mm to 0.45mm thick. The price of imports from Germany is higher, followed by Korean, Japanese and joint venture products, and the price of products made in China is lower.

Tear off the coating of the cabinet’s PVC blister film. Its base material is usually high-density board. Density board is a kind of artificial board, which is divided into low/medium/high density according to density.


According to raw materials, it can be divided into fiber density board, glued density board, particle density board, etc. Fiber density board is made by soaking wood, branches and other objects in water, crushing and pressing them. It is an artificial board made of wood fiber or other plant fibers and urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesives.

Particle density board is an artificial board made of wood or other wood fiber materials. It is coated with adhesive and bonded under heat and pressure. The base material of cabinet PVC blister film is fiber density board.

The processing technology of cabinet PVC blister film is simple and easy to understand, that is, after high temperature and high pressure adsorption treatment, the PVC film is adsorbed to the fiber density board, even if it is completed.

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