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How doors of different types are made? - (Ⅱ)

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Finger-joined solid wood door

It means that the glulam is manufactured from short materials of solid wood into the required specifications, sizes and shapes, so that small materials can be used to make good use of inferior materials. At the same time, the texture of natural wood is retained, and the appearance is beautiful. Finger-joined wooden doors are much cheaper than original wooden doors and have good stability. Due to its moderate price and the natural properties of wooden doors, this wooden door is the best choice for most of our friends today. A good finger joint door must remove knots, decay and other wood defects before gluing. The raw materials are fully dried to make the moisture content of each part uniform. Compared with the log, the cracking and deformation are relatively small. High-quality finger-joined solid wood uses new wood as raw material, and is not a secondary recycling process of waste wood. The characteristic of new wood is that when cutting, due to the high temperature, the sawing surface of the wood will turn black.

Solid wood composite door

It is also called a solid wood suit door. It is mainly made of solid wood as the skeleton and the surface is made of high-grade veneer. The shape is generally very beautiful, and the price varies greatly depending on the material and workmanship.


The solid wood block is filled with the core material, real material; the middle gap is the space range that guarantees thermal expansion and contraction

The difference between a solid wood door and a solid wood composite door is that the former is the same log inside and outside, and the latter is filled with wood except for the frame and core material. Whether in terms of durability or sound insulation, solid wood doors with higher density, greater quality, and thicker materials are better. The more expensive walnut, cherry, teak, and oak are all good. However, the price difference between solid wood composite doors and solid wood doors is relatively large, and it is quite laborious to consume.

Molded door/ecological door

The construction process of the molded door is relatively simple, and it does not look as thick and beautiful as the solid wood door. It is true that the thin film layer on the skin always feels light and light. However, in recent years, environmental protection control has become more stringent in the production process, and the upgraded version of molded doors-ecological doors are gradually coming to the stage; ecological doors are also called double-veneer panels, construction is pollution-free, materials are environmentally friendly, and door panels and door cores are in line with solid wood composite doors , The surface of the wooden door adopts melamine skin, which has high hardness, high wear resistance, good environmental protection, fire and flame retardant.


Raw material storage and drying

Raw materials and craftsmanship can be called the two lifebloods of a door. The quality of a door is particularly important.

The drying of wood and base material is all carried out in the drying room, and the moisture in the wood is processed to the production standard in half a month through professional equipment. The moisture content of the wood is controlled at 8%-10%, and the dried wood is not easy to burst and deform; the dried wood is placed for a period of time, so that the wood can restore its balance;

Sanding and precision cutting

Sanding is the most critical part of the production of wooden doors, and its purpose is to ensure that the boards are flat and consistent with the thickness.

Precise cutting means secondary cutting, and each set of doors must be accurately cut according to the size of the finished product before assembly.

Scraping and sanding

Ash scraping is to scrape a layer of filler ash on the board to fill the substrate and increase the effect of the paint surface.

After scraping the dust, start polishing to make the door leaf more flat and smooth.

Primer and assembly

The primer is the first layer of the paint system. It is used to improve the adhesion of the topcoat, increase the fullness of the topcoat, provide anti-alkali and anti-corrosion functions, etc., to ensure the uniform absorption of the topcoat, and the paint system exerts the best effect.

After the primer and color repair work is completed, assembly is carried out according to production requirements and quality requirements.


                                                                                                             Workshop painting

Spray surface

The top coat must have a series of perfect decorative protection properties, such as varnish transparency, smooth feel, hard and wear-resistant, heat-resistant, water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, etc.; high-quality wood special paint is used to ensure the paint effect of the entire door and enhance the decoration quality.

Product testing

Finished product inspection is the last procedure. The painter conducts self-inspection of the dried product every day and then reports it to the inspector for inspection. After that, the inspector conducts the inspection item by item according to the finished product inspection requirements and standards.

Packing and storage

In order to prevent the door from being damaged by bumps during transportation, it must be thickly wrapped with foam paper. Special attention must be paid to keep clean; the edges and corners are specially protected; the label is clear and clear. Count them one by one according to the requirements, and place them in categories and districts.

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