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How doors of different types are made? - (Ⅰ)

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According to the difference of core materials, the commonly used wooden doors in home decoration are roughly divided into solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, ecological doors, and molded doors; the difference in core materials largely determines the quality of the door.


The wood cutting process, including the cutting of large and small materials, the adjustment of straight and bent materials, etc., will produce a large amount of wood flour and sawdust, loss a lot of wood, and the loss is 8% of the whole wood. During the cutting process, the parts containing white bark, worm eyes, and rotten hearts will be removed. This is the link that produces the most whole pieces of waste. The waste of various wood materials is different, but the proportion of waste wood can reach 20% on average. These waste materials are all It can't be used to make wooden doors at all.


The wood must be dried many times before it can be used. The moisture loss after drying is 15%, which means that the weight of the wood will be reduced by 15%. After the wooden door is assembled, it must be scraped and polished before painting. Only by using more than ten types of scraping tools can the wooden door be smooth. After the scraping is completed, it is necessary to use sandpaper with different meshes for sanding to make the wooden door feel delicate. Among them, a lot of wood is consumed. Therefore, for one ton of wood, its actual utilization rate is only 31%, or even lower.


Simple classification of wooden doors

Solid wood 

The original wooden door refers to the wooden door manufactured with selected natural and precious wood as raw materials.

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The log door must be spliced with multiple pieces of wood, which is determined by the characteristics of the wood itself. But no matter how many pieces of wood are used, they should be the same kind of wood. For example, oak log doors should be made of oak in every part. Red pine, fir, oak wood, etc. are all common wood door materials, and high-end solid woods include walnut, cherry, and sapele.


 Solid block sample finger-jointed

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