How to choose PVC wood grain PVC film
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How to choose PVC wood grain PVC film

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PVC wood grain film is mainly used in furniture, cabinets, and decorative board industries. It can not only be surface veneer, but also vacuum blister, and the processing is very fast, the degree of shaping is good, and the surface is bright and bright. There is no need to spray western paint on the surface. Its water resistance is very good, and it has outstanding corrosion resistance and is easy to clean. It is a new type of environmentally friendly decorative material.


PVC wood grain blister film is not easy to fold white, has less shrinkage, less crystalline impurities than other products, and has good flatness, clear color, good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, good flame retardant performance, and weather resistance Good, strong stamping resistance, abrasion resistance, good blister flat sticking effect, and it is not easy to fade when exposed to indoor and outdoor exposure. Vacuum blister does not eliminate lines and has no white edges.


PVC wood grain blister film is a new type of decorative material made of high molecular polymer as raw material, adding various additives, calendering, compounding, and wood grain printing. It can be combined with wood, plastic board, aluminum board, and iron board. Such substrate composites are mostly used as decorative materials, and are widely used in the production of veneer decorations such as office furniture, cabinet doors, wardrobes, wooden doors, wooden craft products, and sound boxes.

There are many types of PVC wood grain blister film. For example, the texture of wood grain sheets includes walnut, cherry, oak, beech, maple, teak, pine, sandalwood, rosewood, etc., and each type of wood grain has many kinds Color to choose.


Its application prospects are also very wide: due to the relatively free choice of this product, there is no need to paint the surface, which saves processing costs to a certain extent. The shape is good, the surface is bright and beautiful, the color is rich, the color is pure and bright, and the wood grain is vivid. It has strong water resistance, strong corrosion resistance, and very scratch resistance, and it can be guaranteed not to deteriorate after long-term use. It is more convenient to clean, suitable for all households, and has become the mainstream panel of European cabinets, and it has gradually been sought after by domestic users. It is also a new type of environmentally friendly decorative material.

The use method of PVC wood grain blister film is as follows: PVC wood grain blister film and plain film are available in two different materials, which are suitable for hand sticking, flat sticking and vacuum blister; the flat sticking material is suitable for labor laminating or mechanical rolling Flat-coated, vacuum blister materials are suitable for vacuum blister lamination, blister materials are usually temperature resistant above 120 ℃. PVC veneer, commonly known as plastic veneer, is a widely used surface decoration material.


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