How to deal with issues during the process of operation
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How to deal with issues during the process of operation

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When operating a mechanical device, the vacuum suction machine needs to have certain professional knowledge and relevant job safety knowledge. The following are some common blister machine failures, analysis and solutions are as follows:

  • The machine does not start: the input wire is disconnected, the power cord is reversed, and the voltage is insufficient.

  • Inaccurate temperature measurement: thermocouple, temperature controller. Whether the installation is incorrect and damaged.

  • The working vacuum does not come: the gas path is not open, the hand valve or the solenoid valve is not closed, the vacuum pump motor belt is loose, and the vacuum gauge is damaged.

  • The main power switch trips: leakage of input wires on the top of the heating box, leakage of the distribution box, external wires on the equipment, leakage of the motor, etc.

  • The film is not in place: the vacuum is not enough, air leakage, temperature is not enough, the film is too thin, the workpiece is pasted with other materials, the depth of the workpiece exceeds the film lift, the suction time is too short, the film is not lifted, the workpiece is too close .

  • The surface of the overlaid workpiece has folds and is not smooth or the corners cannot be wrapped: the film is not straightened, the quality of the film is not good, the workpiece is not well polished, the glue is sprayed too much, and the mold below the workpiece is too low.

  • The film is pulled down when the suction is not reached: whether the solenoid valve or hand valve is open.

  • Absorptive breakage: the temperature is too high, the heating time is too long, the film quality is not good, and there is no heating.


When selecting (PVC) film, all technical data must be provided by the manufacturer. Please select (PVC) special adhesive, and you must have all the data. According to the above data, you can set the reasonable data required to obtain the ideal quality and economic benefits.

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