How to identify the quality of blister door panels
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How to identify the quality of blister door panels

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What is a blister door panel?


  1. Definitions

    This is a door panel made of blister material, which is easy to scrub, has an even surface gloss and a comfortable look and feel. Blister molded door is a name that combines material and technology. "Suction" refers to the process of vacuum suction; "plastic" refers to the surface PVC film; "mold" refers to the door panel before the PVC film is pressed after milling by the tool; "pressing" refers to the pressure applied when the PVC film is formed the process of. Referred to as blister molded door.

  2. Function

    As a new green environmentally friendly material, blister panels have been widely used in advertising decoration, interior decoration, and car interiors due to their light weight, surface gloss, flame retardant, heat resistance, moisture-proof, waterproof, thermal insulation, sound insulation, shock absorption, and anti-static characteristics. , refrigerator linings, home appliance casings, mobile board doors, mobile toilet doors, and blister packaging of daily necessities, cosmetics, sporting goods, automotive supplies, electronic products, toys, etc.

  3. Characteristics

    Blister cabinet doors are rich in color, lifelike wood grain, pure and bright single color, will not crack or deform, are scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, stain-resistant, and fade-resistant. They are the most mature cabinet materials and are easy to maintain daily. Since the four sides of the door panel can be sealed into one after blister molding, there is no need for edge sealing, which solves the problems of some panels becoming debonded over time and susceptible to water erosion. Foreign countries call them defect-free panels. The advantage of blister board is that it has high wear resistance and can be cleaned directly with steel balls without damaging the surface and color. Blister board is made of medium-density board as the base material. It has good surface flatness and is easy to shape. After it is formed by engraving and milling patterns, the patterns are diverse and three-dimensional. If your home decoration is European or pastoral style, it is recommended to choose Blister.

Pros and cons of door plates laminated

Blister doors are also called molded door panels, and their base material is density board. First, various patterns are carved by an engraving machine, then finely polished and sprayed with special paint, and finally covered with a layer of PVC film and made by vacuum molding. Secondly, the blister doors come in various patterns, and after being blister molded, the door can be sealed together on all sides, so there will be no glue opening or moisture due to long-term use, and it is a door that will not be damaged.

  1.  Bright appearance: Because the material of the blister door is PVC, it can be made into colorful patterns, and the patterns produced by it are not easy to fade.

  2. Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant: The blister door not only has good wear resistance, but also has scratch resistance. Secondly, it is easy to clean even if it is stained with dirty things. Blister doors are not prone to mold in humid environments and do not react with acid and alkali substances, so they are particularly suitable for kitchen cabinets.

  3. Anti-aging: The blister door is also anti-aging. Its physical properties will not change even under different temperature differences, and it can remain as smooth as new after long-term use. Secondly, the blister door panels are not only not easy to deform and crack, but also not easy to fade. They are known as panels without defects.

  4. Material differences: Because PVC materials are all imported, their quality varies. At present, the materials of blister doors on the market are relatively inferior, the appearance is relatively rough, and there are also problems with deformation. Therefore, we must observe carefully when purchasing to avoid buying inferior materials.

  5. Price difference: The raw materials of the blister door panels mentioned earlier are imported, so their prices will be more expensive. However, some unscrupulous traders use inferior materials as high-quality materials to mislead consumers, causing price confusion.

How to identify the quality of blister door panels

Blister door panels are a type of door panel, which are relatively common in the building materials market. If you need to purchase blister door panels, you need to know how to identify the quality of blister door panels. The following will introduce you to the purchase knowledge of blister door panels. 

  1.  PVC film is rich in colors, and it is better at producing realistic wood grain effects. It has a strong three-dimensional effect and pure single color. Moreover, this material generally does not crack or deform, is scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, It is a product that is relatively good in stain resistance, anti-fading and environmental protection.

  2. Blister door panels also have many patterns and colors, and this kind of door panel can be sealed around the door panel into one after being blister molded. Therefore, this kind of door panel does not need secondary edge sealing, which can help you solve some of the problems of sheet sealing. There are problems such as glue peeling and dampness on the edges over time.

  3. The PVC film used for blister door panels generally has a thickness of 0.15mm-0.45mm. For example, the prices imported from Germany are relatively expensive, while Korean, Japanese and joint venture products are better, while domestic products are relatively cheaper. .

  4. Moreover, some high-quality blister door panel base materials are not easy to deform, and have good environmental performance. If you look at it from the appearance, it is also relatively delicate, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and has flame-retardant properties. But poor quality is different. The base material of this kind of blister door panel is easy to deform, has a rough appearance, and is afraid of scratches. Therefore, the quality of blister doors is also very critical.

  5. The quality of the base material directly determines whether the blister door panel has the ability to absorb nails twice. You must know its nail-holding ability, the degree of deformation of the finished blister board, and the environmental performance of the finished blister board. Generally speaking, there are some differences in density between good blister door panel substrates and ordinary substrates. The way to distinguish them is to select small pieces of the same size panels and weigh them to see whether they are good or bad. Generally speaking, Comparatively speaking, blister door panels with higher density have better nail-holding ability and less deformation.

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