How to improve the level and benefit of the woodworking machine covering machine
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How to improve the level and benefit of the woodworking machine covering machine

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The covering machine is suitable for the production of PVC, decorative paint paper, and solid wood skin on the surface of various lines such as wood, aluminum -plastic profiles, and foaming materials. Instead of traditional paint technology, it is used for gates, skirting, gushing, curtain rods, window sills, aluminum alloy doors and windows, photo frames and other surfaces.

Pur 350

Working principle

    By using a variety of forming pressure wheels to simulate handmade veneer, the surface decoration material is attached to the surface of the substrate. Generally, the central line or Z high point of the profile is selected as the starting point. Surface contour, point -by -point, and fixing positions to form a package line with a profile outline.

Mechanical type: Overwriters are generally divided into two types: cold and hot glue.

  1. Cold glue covering machine: Use liquid glue, liquid glue can be divided into solvent glue and water -based glue. There are two types: scraping and roller coating. Easy to volatile solvent adhesive uses scraping, the rubber box is easy to be closed, and the glue is prevented from being covered. Water -based glue and volatile solvent glue generally use roller coating to facilitate operation.

  2. Hot glue covering machine: Use solid glue to heat up in the hot rubber box in the covering machine. Generally, the heating temperature of the covering glue is about 220 ° C. Suitable for sticking solid wood leather and decorative paint paper.

  3. Combination type covering machine: In order to meet different needs, universal covering machines include a combination of cold glue and hot glue, cold glue scraping roller coating type.

Problems that may occur during the production process:

  1. Low -frequency torque: The width and thickness can be adjusted according to the different covering materials. The width and thickness of the covering material and the uneven thickness of the covering materials can be required to have sufficient torque to make the material compound. Streaming, unable to produce continuously;

  2. Interference: This type of covering machine designs the inverter keyboard to operate on the upper part of the machine. The inverter is installed on the lower part of the machine.

  3. The output is unstable: Due to the long keyboard line and the naked leakage, the interference is severe. During the maintenance process, the manufacturer is installed normally. After the factory leaves the factory, the keyboard flashes and cannot work normally. , Production cannot be carried out normally.

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