How to select the machine (vacuum press machine )
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How to select the machine (vacuum press machine )

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how to select the machine (vacuum press machine )

positive and negative press machine

1, worktable size , if your product is wardrobe door and closet door except cabinets , maybe you need 3000mm long table


2 how to judge that it is higher quality or not ? what is heating system , the material of heating system , it can make your product no wrinkles and uniform color.

upper tray_meitu_1

3 what`s brand of vacuum pump ? you`ll need to know the quality of vacuum pump , because the vacuum pump is important part for the vacuum press machine , and make sure the vacuum pressure uniform of machine

vacuum pump

4 vacuum pump pressure matching of the size of vacuum pump

5 the weight of machine ,less than 3 tons , you should know what material of this machine

6 last , electrical componets must high quality , because Low failure rate,  if the voltage unstable , the machine can keep work

electrical component

7 we can promise using our machine, even vacuum press machine , we also can make product no open side ,uniform color , and in place

free-handle cut a half

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