How to solve after-sales problems of laminating machine ?
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How to solve after-sales problems of laminating machine ?

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How to solve after-sales problems of laminating machine?


1 We are a company with more than 15 years of experience, specializing in the design and production of laminating machine series products, so we are very professional and have high-quality equipment.

2 The equipment we design is easy for customers to operate, a series of parameters are set, as long as the machine is installed according to the steps of the operating instructions.

3 We will record the installation and operation videos of the corresponding model products for customers in advance. Please follow the requirements in the video to operate.

4 Common problems, such as damage to wearing parts, etc., we will explain the text of common problems.

5 If you encounter any problems that you cannot solve during the operation, please send us a video in time and describe the problems in English in detail. We will quickly solve the problems for you.

6 Or we can guide you to solve the problem through video call.

7 In principle, our installation and training is to invite customers' engineers to study and train in the factory. It is estimated that the company will be responsible for room and board for 5-7 days. If our company needs to send engineers to the site, the daily cost is 300 US dollars.


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