How to solve the problem of lamination unglued
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How to solve the problem of lamination unglued

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How to solve the issue of lamination unglued in right way?

As far as lamination of board is concerned, there are some sayings as follows:

  1.  Boards get damp. The production of boards starts from carving, then polishing, sparying glue and last step is lamination. How could such a wet board through so many process is delivered out of factory?

  2. The skilled workers are replaced. Well-regulated factoriess would be in severe control of temperature, time and pressure in terms of membrane materials of different thickness and physical properties. It could happens only in individual workshop in case of severe quality defect arising out of replacement of one skilled technician.

  3. Change special glue. Not any formal factory could easily change special glue due to some discount. The quality of glues at similar rates shall be equally matched.

  4. Low temperature. There would not exist such a stupid mistake as the issues of temperature and positive & negative pressure set for membrane materials are easily solved for skilled workers.

The above-mentioned are no more than poor regulation and cutting corner. Even so, they prefer take that to admit the fact, namely, they are not able to pruduce quality equipments!  


The photo above is the one of vacuum membrane press machine of positive and working principle are as below:draw air out with vacuum pump while heating membrane material. As the model of negative pressure, the quality of this kind of lamination is far away less than the model of positive & negative due to drawing by vacuum pump only on account of too little pressure. In the industry there is a saying called "Artificial absorption", that is to say, it seems so perfect but fact is it is invalid lamination, the achilles heel of the negative model is defomed board/ peeling off at edges.

The only advantage for the model is low price, buying a new model with less than ten thousand dollars, together with cheap MDF/PVC/glue to produce downmarket products. The sheets laminated that are priced less than CNY100 are made in such a way. Many clients are attracted by such cheap products, but they would worry about after-sales issues as this kind of producers disappear while quality disputes are increasing. The venders running in short period are also fond of cooperating with producers of the kind as they are not disposed to sell in the long run.


We apply the models of positive & negative pressure, which enable perfect lamination on boards even at all edges and corners without manual treatment(manual treatment is requied towards door edges by electric iron/hair dryer when working table is going out as finished).

There are no more than three reasons for peeling at edges of door sheets:

  1. Poor management;

  2. Defected materials

  3. Less strengthful. 

Above all, the strength is foremost, which is key point for purchasing quality equipments.

How could a factory that is reluctant to invest shall manufacture good products? 

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