Introduction of coating materials and repair and maintenance of coating machine
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Introduction of coating materials and repair and maintenance of coating machine

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Materials of coating machine:

  1. Base material: wood lines, MDF, wood plastic, plastic steel, PVC, aluminum profiles and other lines.

    Base material requirements: It is a regular line profile, which can have grooves and curved surfaces, but each point must be straight in the longitudinal direction and have certain pressure resistance. The length is generally more than 40 cm to infinity.

  2.  Veneer materials: PVC decorative film, decorative paper, solid wood skin, Boeing board, composite aluminum film, etc. The width is determined according to the needs of the substrate and the selected model, and is generally less than 50 cm.


Vacuum laminating machines are mainly divided into three categories, one is semi-automatic vacuum laminating machine, one is automatic vacuum laminating machine, and the other is positive and negative pressure vacuum laminating machine.

There are two types of semi-automatic vacuum laminators, one is the manual push-pull heating chamber, and the other is the manual push-pull table. Relatively speaking, the application range of semi-automatic vacuum laminating machine is relatively narrow, and it is generally used for sliding door film PVC film and thermal transfer film.


The fully automatic vacuum laminating machine has a relatively wide range of applications. It can be used for sliding doors, cabinets, bedside cabinets, etc., and can be used for laminating PVC films and thermal transfer films.

The positive and negative pressure laminating machine has a wide range of applications, but the cost is high. In addition to PVC film and thermal transfer film, high gloss film can also be applied.


Coating machine maintenance and maintenance:

  1. The working environment should be kept clean to prevent dust from falling into the glue application system and affecting the quality of the glue application.

  2. The lubricating oil in the reducer should be replaced with new lubricating oil after being used for 1 month for the first time. It will be replaced every six months in the future. When the workload is heavy, it should be replaced every 3 months. When the summer temperature is high, the reducer lubricating oil with high viscosity should be replaced. When the winter temperature is low, the reducer lubricating oil with low viscosity should be replaced. Add butter to the chain once a month.

  3. After the cladding machine manufacturer completes the cladding machine work, the main power must be turned off.

  4. When repairing or adjusting components, the relevant professionals should handle it.

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