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Maintenance And Care Guide for Vacuum Laminating Machine-Allison

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Vacuum laminating machine is a device for generating, improving, and/or maintaining vacuum, which is applied in vacuum application equipment and vacuum acquisition equipment. Vacuum laminating machine is used for vacuum treatment of products, improving the processing (production) equipment of products.

Laminating methods:

  1. Cold Lamination: The method of laminating protective film on the surface of the picture at room temperature is called cold lamination. It includes single-sided lamination and double-sided lamination. There are manual peel lamination and self-peel lamination methods. Cold lamination process features simple operation, good effect, and low cost. It is widely used in the production of advertising light boxes, engineering drawings, and post-production of wedding photography.

  2. Hot Lamination: The method of laminating with special hot film heated to a certain temperature (about 100-180°C) on equipment is called hot lamination. It can be divided into single-sided hot lamination and double-sided hot lamination. Because of its good light transmission, waterproofness, heat resistance, and hardness, it is suitable for post-production of advertising pictures relying on light or other occasions. However, hot lamination equipment and consumables are expensive, operation is complex, energy consumption is large, and the cost is high.

  3. Vacuum Lamination: Using a special vacuum laminating machine to evacuate the film and the picture, and then shape it at a certain temperature to complete the lamination. Its operation is complex, the cost is high, and the size of the picture is limited to some extent. But the laminating quality is high, the picture texture is strong, and it is suitable for photos.

Maintenance and Care of Vacuum Laminating Machine:

  1. Keep the workbench clean to prevent dust and sawdust from falling on it. Clean the air filter regularly to prevent blockage and avoid affecting product quality.

  2. Replace the vacuum pump oil after about one month of cumulative use. Check the oil level of the vacuum pump every week. If the oil level is below one-third of the indicator, replenish it immediately. The vacuum pump uses special vacuum pump oil. If oil contamination is found, replace it immediately. Before changing the oil, the vacuum pump must run for 30 minutes to make the oil thin, then stop the pump, drain the oil, and open the intake port to run for 1-2 minutes. At this time, a small amount of clean oil can be slowly added from the suction port to replace the stored oil in the oil chamber.

  3. During normal operation, all protective plates of the equipment must not be removed to avoid accidents.

  4. Pay close attention to the operation of the equipment during the production process, and solve any problems promptly. If there are electrical faults, they should be handled by professionals.


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