Method of application of apparatus for silicone rubber pad repair
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Method of application of apparatus for silicone rubber pad repair

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The silicone pad for vacuum film laminating machine is the key part of vacuum laminating machine. Its quality directly affects the effect of film laminating and the cost of using laminating machine. When the silicone pad is torn or damaged due to corrosion, it can be repaired as per following steps:

  1.  Connect the trachea of the apparatus to air pump, plugging in. Turn red button to connect power.


   2.  Adjust temperature to the range 340-350 degree centigrade , time set to 250 seconds heating up to the designated temperature.


   3.  The repair shall be done by two sides when crevice of the rubber sheet is less than 7cm. Cut off 5mm wide thinly at both sides of crevice with wallpaper knife (exposed as new one free from any dirt), and then fill in silica gel at place processed, level up and compact well. Paste newspaper on it and put silicone rubber sheet worked under pressing plate (beware of position), press the green button to repair. Pressing plate shall rise automatically at designated time and take out the sheet, the work on this side is completed, and the same process used for the other side.


4.   While crevice of sheet is more than 7cm, repair at double sides shall be carried out as same as the size above. Repair work of 6-7cm shall be done for each time at the most and end up by several times for one side. The same work are as above for the other side.

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