New product ©TM3000P-B Vacuum Membrane Press Machine With Pin System
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New product ©TM3000P-B Vacuum Membrane Press Machine With Pin System

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On the occasion of China(Guangzhou)Building Decoration Fair vacuum membrane press machine supplier Shenyang Zhanhongtu Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is pleased to present a new product to all New Client,regular customers and friends who keeps follow our machine closely—TM3000P-B.

This machine ensure maximum quality of the finished product, extremely fast cycles, rapid processing changes and unmatched ease of use. coat 3D shaped panels with thermoformable plastic sheets (PVC, TRANSFER FOIL, etc.) or veneer to produce PVC wood kitchen doors or bathroom cupboard doors, drawers, doors, tables, desks, etc.




The wood veneer laminating machine manufacturer Shenyang Zhanhongtu Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd’s membrane presses TM3000P-B for shaped surfaces covering, are born from the 10 years experience acquired by the company in this particular type of process. A full range of presses has been developed. This TM3000P-B machine is designed based on TM-3000P and we have upgraded the work-tray and Pin system.Many friend who had been follow us may wonder what’s new with this upgrade? Please kindly read the following features of our new machine TM3000P-B.


To ensure a complete coating of the workpiece edges in thermoforming presses, the workpieces need to be lifted slightly from the seating. The simple way of doing it is using a spacer (panel, pattern) which is a little smaller than the workpiece. Thereby the foil can enclose the wokpiece. For industrial use, especially if there are various workpiece dimensions, these fixed spacers are unsuitable because they are not easily modifiable. That's why, the manufacturers developed different Pin-Systems in order to avoid spacers.


On manual systems, shiftable pins are moved under the workpiece by the operator. Automatic systems come with vertically adjustable pins, that can be controlled separately. The layout of the table is captured optically to determine the pins that have to be lifted.This time we upgrade the Pins in material scanning method and other details to ensure the workpiece lifting work more accurate and time saving.


This press is suitable for shaped panel covering with PVC film and transfer material. The principle of operation doesn’t require the use of the membrane, this also allows the coating of particularly 3D shapes, and also eliminates the costs related to the replacement of the membrane


A same side loading / unloading system, by means of two trays, allows the "dead time" elimination and the management of the entire system by even a single operator. The entire plant is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC), which allows the setting from the control panel all the work functions.

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Other features of this machine:

1. High speed:The working period for making normal and high glossy workpiece is less than 2 minutes after it enters the main machine, which is 2-4 times of the efficiency of common positive and negative pressure membrane pressure equipment.

2. Good effect:The product processed by common film has clear groove, no peeling off at sides, bubbling, no color difference, and high light working surface has strong adhesion, and the effect reaches the international leading level.

3. Low energy consumption:The total power of the model is 43KW, which is one half of that of the peer equipment;The main start heating  power is 18KW.

4. High configuration:The key parts of the model adopt original ones from Germany, Japan and Taiwan, which is of high configuration and of stable performance.

5. High working efficiency:The whole machine adopts automatic top block device. Compared with other domestic manufacturers, it saves the technological process of making the pads, the cost of raw materials, saves the sequence of scanning pads, as well as the time of lamination, greatly improves the working efficiency and reduces the labor cost.

6. High degree of automation:The machine is equipped with automatic tilting rack for fabric selection, automatic film cutting device, automatic gasket device, laminating device of pressing machine, pallet lifting device and finished product rollover collection device, etc., with high degree of automation, it has outstanding features like smooth and close process and one-stop film-covering process production.The height of the top block can be selected 12, 15 and 18 mm, solving the issue that the high gloss sample blocks are not in place while laminating.


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