[Panel furniture production line] Methods and precautions for vacuum blister/laminating machine!!
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[Panel furniture production line] Methods and precautions for vacuum blister/laminating machine!!

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The convenience of vacuum blister/laminating machine drives the vigorous application of equipment. It can apply various films to furniture. It is a very commonly used equipment in woodworking production. Although the method used is relatively simple, it still needs Pay attention to correct use to avoid errors in the process of pasting, resulting in reduced accuracy of pasting, and avoiding waste of pasting materials.


When working with a vacuum laminating machine, the workshop must ensure a dust-free environment to avoid the presence of flying debris, which will cause the effect of the laminating film to deteriorate. The laminating equipment should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the parts of the laminating equipment are clean and dust-free. Dust will affect the finished product effect of the laminating equipment.

Before each start-up work, the laminating machinery must be routinely inspected to check whether the surface of the parts is smooth and clean, and whether the machinery has malfunctions or abnormal noises, so as to ensure that hidden dangers can be found in time before the failures occur to avoid the appearance of the machinery. The problem affects the operation of the job.

If the laminating equipment is used for too long, it must be maintained and maintained in time. Because the frequency of use of the laminating equipment is relatively high, the wear of the mechanical parts will be more serious. Regular maintenance and maintenance can increase the cost of the laminating equipment. Longevity can reduce the number of failures and save the company money for repairing and replacing equipment.

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If you have just purchased a vacuum laminating machine, when using a new machine, you should add mechanical lubricating oil before installation. The new machine needs to have a running-in stage. Adding lubricating oil can speed up the running-in speed, and it can also be in the running-in process. , To avoid the damage of the parts due to overuse, when the new machine is first used, the speed should not be too fast to avoid the failure of the new machine due to inadaptability.

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