Precautions for use and maintenance of vacuum membrane press machine
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Precautions for use and maintenance of vacuum membrane press machine

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  1. Glue spray: The diameter of the glue gun is 1.5-2.0mm; when spraying glue on the facade, the amount of glue around and groove is appropriately increased.

  2. Drying glue: Generally, it is advisable not to stick to hands.

  3. When TM3000 is used as a highlight, the heating time in the working chamber should not be too long to avoid orange peel phenomenon.

  4. The screws that clamp the silicone plate should not be too tight, otherwise the silicone plate will be easily broken.

  5. The workpiece should not be too sharp (R2-R3 angle), otherwise the silicone plate will be easily punctured, and there should be no particles on the workpiece.

  6. The vacuum pump oil should be replenished in time, and the special oil for vacuum pump (Meifo 100) should be replaced regularly, and no other oil should be added. When the vacuum oil turns white, it is emulsified and changed in quality, so it must be replaced, and all the crude oil should be dried. 1 liter/bottle, change 2 liters at a time, and change the oil every 3-6 months.

  7. The equipment should be installed on a solid, flat, ground with enough space.

  8. Keep the worktable clean to prevent dust from entering the vacuum machine.

  9. When the equipment is in use, check the ammeter at any time, and the item cannot be missing.

  10. The worktable pressing handle should be regularly refueled and kept lubricated. Release the snaps when the machine is not in use.

  11. The mobile workbench gearbox is regularly refueled.

  12. There is an oil filling cup outside the high-precision air passages. Every shift must check whether there is oil and must be replenished in time.

  13. The filter is regularly blown soot.

  14. Heating line: 16 flat line for negative pressure machine; 10 flat line for positive and negative pressure.

  15. The air pump pressure must reach 6 pressures (6-8 pressures), with a minimum of 5.5 pressures.

  16. The PVC film cannot exceed 3 years, because the PVC film has plasticity and will oxidize, and it is easy to crack in winter. It is best to heat the film before working in winter to make the PVC softer.


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