Production process of blister cabinet door panel
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Production process of blister cabinet door panel

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Multi-layer solid wood board blister cabinet door, the base material is environmentally friendly beech plywood, which is an ideal choice for a new generation of cabinet door panels.



  1. Cutting is the same as the cabinet body panel. The processing process is cut by equipment. The difference from the cabinet body panel is that the door panel has a large variety of materials and colors, which is not suitable for the production of standard parts, so it is generally produced according to the order.

  2. Slotting. The purpose of this slotting is to install the aluminum buckle handle. The slotting will not finish the width of the door panel, and will leave a little seal, otherwise the handle will be drawn out from the side after installation; the thickness of the slot is according to the aluminum For actual operation, the model of the buckle handle is generally slightly smaller than the thickness of the aluminum buckle handle inserted, so that the aluminum buckle handle can be fixed.

  3. For edge banding, different materials will determine whether edge banding. Generally, the materials to be banded are melamine, fireproof board, crystal board, etc. The sealed edge is generally the same color edge of the door panel, mostly 2mm thick edge; also for To improve the quality, the edge banding used is aluminum edge banding.

  4. Punching. The punching here is different from that of the cabinet body. The hole here is a door ream. In order to reduce the error rate, the current factory often hands this step to the dealer.

  5. The gong groove, if the door panel has a pattern, will use this process.

  6. The steps of blister and blister are very simple. Firstly, the door panel is polished, then glue is sprayed, and then the door panel is put into the blister machine to perform the blister operation. The quality of the process is closely related to the machine and equipment.

  7. Baking paint, this step is quite complicated, there are many steps in the process, and it is mainly made by hand, so it is necessary to have considerable experience and technology to spray high-quality finished products.

  8. Install the handle. The handle here is an aluminum buckle handle. Generally, the open handle is handled by the dealer.


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