Production process of molded door panels
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Production process of molded door panels

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Production process of molded door panels


Molded door panels, also called blister door panels, are well known in the industry. Some brands will directly tell customers that the type of door panel is a blister door or a molded door. Some brands don’t talk about the specific material, just say that one sounds better. The name of the tall, molded door panels can be used as cabinet door panels and wardrobe door panels. They are often used to create a simple European-style atmosphere and occupy a large proportion in the market. Nowadays, more and more simple styles made of molded door panels are due to molding. The door panels have rich shapes, diverse colors and strong plasticity. Today's article is to take you to learn more about the characteristics of molded door panels and the production process.

1. Raw materials

Medium-density fiberboard is selected as the base material, which is uniform in material, easy to shape, and has a high surface flatness. Its density is generally 500-880 kg/m. You can roughly measure the weight of the molded door panel in the store. It is relatively heavy. The material is relatively thick, the product has high stability, and can be made into more complex shapes without deformation. The price of molded doors varies greatly. The environmental protection of the substrate is also an aspect to be considered.


2. Sculpting

The modeling data is imported into the device, and you can engrave a variety of shapes. If you want, you can even engrave your name on it.

3. Fine polishing

After fine grinding, the smoothness of the surface can be ensured, and the surface of the finished molded door will not foam.

4. Spray glue

Glue should be sprayed on the finely polished board to bond the PVC film on the surface. The high-quality glue has high adhesion and will not cause warping. It is environmentally friendly. After the glue is dried, it can enter the positive and negative pressure film. The machine has finished laminating.

5. Laminating

From the literal understanding of the blister molded door, "suction" refers to vacuum suction, "plastic" refers to the surface of the PVC film, "mold" refers to the door panel after engraving, and "pressing" refers to the pressure forming of the PVC film. Generally, a positive and negative pressure laminating machine is used. After the laminating is completed, the production workers will cut off the excess film. The color of the PVC film is rich, and it is divided into domestic and imported films. The market mainly produces domestic films.


The main difference between different prices of molded door panels

There is a big difference in the density of the plates. Some small manufacturers have low plate density and can only do simple shapes. They are afraid to make complex shapes, because if the density is low, the complex shapes are easy to deform, and the difference in environmental protection is mainly due to the level of formaldehyde content in the plates. The spray quality is good, the glue has high adhesion, no curling, no blistering, and higher environmental protection. The thickness of the PVC film varies from 0.17mm to 0.35mm, and the thickness of the imported film can even reach 1.0mm.
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