Professional vacuum laminator manufacturer helps you to choose a laminator that suits you most
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Professional vacuum laminator manufacturer helps you to choose a laminator that suits you most

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In order to produce furniture and wooden doors that meet the first-class standards of the international industry, and to produce good doors, windows, and furniture faster, an excellent production machine-a vacuum laminating machine is essential. The post-forming edge banding machine protects the edges and corners of the furniture and lifts or peels the veneer layer during the transportation and use of the furniture. And can beautify furniture.

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So, as a manufacturer of laminating machines, how can we judge the quality of laminating machines? First, the vacuum composite equipment is divided into various types, including semi-automatic vacuum composite equipment, bottom heating (upper, lower) vacuum composite equipment, upper heating vacuum composite equipment, and positive and negative presses. Each major category is divided into many sub-categories. There are five major categories: semi-automatic vacuum laminating machine, bottom heating (upper, lower) vacuum covering machine, upper heating vacuum coating machine, positive and negative pressure vacuum covering machine One is divided into many small categories. Divide each small category into multiple categories based on the configuration. Therefore, when we purchase a laminator, we must first know what industry we want to do, whether it is a movable door, a cabinet door, a PVC film or a veneer film?


Secondly, we are talking about laminating materials. The vacuum laminating machine laminating process is the process of adding a laminating film to the surface after printing on the paper. According to the different film materials, it is divided into two types: bright film and vacuum film laminating machine. ? In fact, there is no difference on the surface whether it is a semi-automatic vacuum laminator or a fully automatic vacuum laminator. Only by a detailed understanding of the structure of the laminator can we judge the merits of a laminator.

Third, it depends on after-sales. Some factories don't care if they sell. In short, if you buy a laminator, you have to keep your eyes peeled and recognize really good manufacturers and manufacturers with after-sales protection.

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