Pros and cons between heatings by oil and by electricity
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Pros and cons between heatings by oil and by electricity

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Comparison of oil heating and electric heating

Oil heating features:

1、(advantage) less heat loss, thermal slow

2、Oil heating tools have lower value but it cost more of follow up operation

3、(disadvantages) cooling slow while heat dissipation is slow, heating takes longer to reach the required temperature.

4、Easy to produce carbon deposits (small agglomerates after burning) need to change oil, for 10-12 months oil must be replaced

4, since oil is permeable, easy to leak oil

5, after heating, if there is bad heat dissipation inside the heating plate, the circulation is not smooth, will cause oil leak  from the burst plate and other negative consequences.

6, high energy consumption

Oil heating:

General the number of heating tubes are 9-12

Take 12 heating tubes as an example.

Heating plate 1540mm,

The interval between the two tubes is about 12cm.

When the temperature reaches 120 °C, there is no thermal compensation at the center point. The temperature of the workpiece entering the table is not up to standard. It takes a certain time for the thermal compensation to reach the temperature (about 30 seconds). Therefore, the oil heating machine needs 4′50′′ to process a workpiece.

Nano electric heating:

1.Nano heating tools with higher value but lower cost at follow-up operation

The width between two heating tube is around 3cm

The compensation temperature on both sides has been continuously supplying heat before the temperature of the intermediate interval cooling down,to maintain the plate at the required temperature constantly , uniform in heating. Thus work efficiency is high.

Germany (Burkle): heating net (made in Germany, not available in China)

(Wemhoner): oil and electricity combined with heating

Italy     (Italpress): Unclear


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