Quality identification method and application prospects of absorbing film products
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Quality identification method and application prospects of absorbing film products

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The suction film is mainly used in industries such as furniture, cabinets, decorative boards. It can be used for surface -toas and vacuum -sucking. The processing is fast, the surface is bright, and the surface is bright and bright. No need to do western paint treatment on the surface, good water resistance and easy to clean. It is a new type of environmentally friendly decorative material.


The suction film is not easy to whiten, the contraction is small, good flat, waterproof and moisture -proof, good flame -retardant performance, good weather resistance, strong resistance to punching, and not easy to fade, vacuum suction plastic does not eliminate patterns. The characteristics of no white edge are widely favored by users, so how to distinguish the quality of the product?

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The quality of the membrane skin directly determines the grade and performance of the finished plastic door panel. A good plastic film must reach a certain thickness, the film cortex is uniform, and the color should be stable. If the thickness of the suction film is low, the exposed white phenomenon and surface orange skin phenomenon will be generated when the corner of the corner is covered. There is a problem of plate deformation, but it cannot guarantee the adhesion of PVC membrane skin and substrate. The main problem caused by the uneven occurrence of membrane cortex is that the PVC membrane skin and the substrate cannot be adhered normally. The PVC membrane skin itself cannot stick to the use of glue and substrate with the sucking machine. It is a glue, or whether the glue is uniform or not, the quality of the quality directly affects the adhesion between the PVC membrane skin and the substrate.

The application prospects of PVC suction film

Its application prospects are also very extensive. Because the product choice is relatively free, the specifications can be customized according to the needs of customers, no longer need to make the surface paint, and saves processing costs to a certain extent.

There are many types of sucking membranes, such as the texture of the wood grain tablets are walnut, cherry wood, oak, beylum, maple, teak, pine, sandalwood, rosewood, etc. choose. Formulate, bright and beautiful surface, rich color, pure color, realistic wood grain with strong water resistance, strong corrosion resistance, and very scratching. Long -term use can also ensure that non -deterioration is a new type of environmental protection. Type decorative material. In the future market, there will be more room for development.

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