Statement on Embezzlement of ZHT‘s Product Photos
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Statement on Embezzlement of ZHT‘s Product Photos

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1. 辽宁展鸿图产品的外观图片、文字介绍和其他任何信息,全部知识产权均属本公司所有;

2. 盗用我公司设备图片的商家同行,应立即停止盗用图片、案例等侵权行为;

3. 限相关侵权公司在三十天内将我公司产品真空覆膜机图片进行删除,若在三十天后以上现象依然存在,我公司将会通过 法律手段来维护自身的合法权益;

4. 任何侵犯本公司权益的行为,我公司将依法保留追究其法律责任的权利






Statement on Embezzlement of ZHT's Product Photos 

Recently, our company (Liaoning Zhanhongtu Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.; abbreviation: Liaoning Zhanhongtu) discovered that some peer companies appeared on the Internet, without the permission of our company, privately pirating pictures of our company’s vacuum laminating machine, in favor of popularity of the company’s products, extensive publicity and profit-making for its own business, commercial use and false publicity, infringement of the copyright and use rights of our company’s product pictures. Therefore, our company hereby declares:

1. All intellectual property rights of Liaoning Zhanhongtu products' appearance pictures, text descriptions and any other information belong to Liaoning Zhanhongtu Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.

2. Merchants who stole pictures of our company’s equipment should immediately stop the infringement of pictures, cases, etc.

3. The relevant infringing company is limited to delete the pictures of our company's vacuum laminating machine within 30 days. If the phenomenon persists after 30 days, our company will protect its legal rights through legal means.

4. For any infringement of the rights and interests of the company, our company reserves the right to pursue its legal liabilities according to law.

Users should pay attention to our trademark and this statement, and the rights of modification, update, and final interpretation shall be reserved by Liaoning Zhanhongtu Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.

Please distinguish carefully when purchasing Liaoning Zhanhongtu related products and beware of counterfeiting!

                                                                                                                      Liaoning Zhanhongtu Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.

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