The Difference Between Negative Pressure Machine And Positive And Negative Pressure Machine
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The Difference Between Negative Pressure Machine And Positive And Negative Pressure Machine

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Negative pressure machine

Working principle: The MDF door panel is carved by an engraving machine, polished and sprayed with glue, and then placed on the workbench of the laminating machine. First, place the pad. The size depends on the product that needs to be laminated. It is generally 5-8mm smaller than the periphery of the product, and then place the backing plate on it. The product is placed on the backing board, covered with PVC film, the frame is pressed tightly, manually or automatically locked, press the entry button, and enter the heating chamber. After the film softens, use a vacuum pump to evacuate air downwards, and separate the PVC film and the door panel. All the air in the space is drained, and under the action of high temperature, the glue melts, so that the PVC film adheres tightly to the surface of the door panel without any gaps.

Positive and negative pressure machine

Working principle: The steps of placing the product on the workbench are equivalent to the steps of a negative pressure machine. There is no pressure frame. After placing the product, it directly enters the working host. Generally speaking, there is not only a negative pressure (vacuum pressure) below, but also a negative pressure above. There is a positive pressure. When the machine is operating, not only is the negative pressure on the lower part evacuated, but positive pressure is added on the upper part, so it becomes positive and negative pressure. On the basis of negative pressure, positive pressure (injecting hot air) is added to make the workpieces fit more closely. It can also do some difficult work, such as handle-free cabinet doors.

Difference: The grooves of positive and negative pressure products are clear and in place and the adhesion force is incomparable to negative pressure equipment. Due to its high pressure, low temperature and short film pressing time, it solves the problem when negative pressure equipment processes workpieces (especially large areas). The deformation problem of the workpiece) greatly reduces the degree of deformation of the workpiece, and also reduces the film rupture and orange peel of the product.


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