The cost of the whole set of machines required for house customization
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The cost of the whole set of machines required for house customization

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Custom furniture is the general trend of the furniture industry, so what equipment is needed to open a whole house custom panel furniture factory? How much does it cost to invest? Open panel furniture factory usually needs CNC cutting machine, plate furniture cutting machine, CNC side hole machine, automatic edge banding machine, vacuum laminating machine. With these four major pieces, you can basically open a panel furniture factory.

Custom furniture production process

Software design-blanking-edge banding-punching-packing-installation

  1.  CNC cutting machine. 

    CNC panel furniture cutting machine cooperates with professional cutting software, online design (can display 3D stereogram), one-click order removal, automatic hole arrangement, optimized layout and other functions. The general board usage rate is more than 95%, saving labor, no professional Carpenter master typesetting and arranging holes. It can complete three processes of vertical hole drilling, slotting and material cutting. Can do circular arc shaped plate processing. Can also be used for cabinet door milling, carving, etc. It is a professional equipment for making customized furniture. The price is generally from more than RMB 100,000 to 200,000, which varies depending on the configuration.

  2. Vacuum membrane press machine. 

    Vacuum laminating machine is also called vacuum blister machine. It is mainly suitable for laminating various cabinet door panels, wooden door laminating, sliding door laminating, soft package decorative leather laminating and other materials, and covering PVC, wood veneer and decorative paper on all sides. Equipment, can be used to paste various PVC films on furniture, cabinets, speakers, craft doors, decorative wall skirt boards and other panel furniture, and can be used for thermal transfer film and single-sided veneer after installing a silicone plate Cover work. Market prices range from RMB 30,000 to 50,000. The cabinet can be used alone without the blister machine. 


  3. Automatic edge banding machine. 

    Mainly includes the fuselage, each processing department group, the control system. The main processing components are: pre-milling, gluing, edge banding, flush head, rough repair, fine repair, contour tracking, scraping, polishing, and slotting. Mainly used for edge banding of panel furniture. It is characterized by automation, high efficiency, high precision and aesthetics. The normal market price is around RMB 100,000.

  4. CNC side hole machine. 

    Infrared code scanning dual-purpose CNC side hole machine is a machine used for punching horizontal holes in the production line of panel furniture. Compared with the barcode numerical control side hole machine, the device does not require any software support, automatic infrared sensing, fast blind hitting, It is a good helper for making panel furniture, whole wardrobes and custom cabinets. The normal market price is around RMB 30,000 to 40,000.


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