The differences between TM3000 and other manufacturer`s
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The differences between TM3000 and other manufacturer`s

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The differences between TM3000 and other manufacturer`s


First of all, the important part of the machine, the vacuum pump is not the same, our vacuum pump is imported, other manufacturer`s is made in China, the difference lies in its performance is not the same, made in China is not stable, our vacuum pump diameter is 100m³/hr, their vacuum pump diameter is 63m³/hr, our cost difference is at least $1,500.

vacuum pump

Second, the structure and principle design of the vacuum system are different, so we can make the bonding between PVC film and MDF more better.

Our equipment adopts infrared aluminum heating system , make product uniform color and no wrinkles. Most manufacturers adopt oil heating system , electrical heating system is for energy saving, power saving, meanwhile using electrical heating system preheating machine time is shorter than oil heating system.

Third,our machine has air pressure model, the advantage is saving silicon service life, and using air pressure model make product more in place , clear sharp of product appearance.

Fourth , the drive system is not the same, we are using the chain drive system, to ensure that the work table in and out of the machine more stable. Other manufacturers are not using this system.

Fifth, the component parts are different , electric part we use Schneider , pneumatic components use AirTAC and vacuum pump is Busch. The cost of components is much higher than other manufacturer`s.

electromagnetic valve

electric components Schneider

Sixth, the weight is different. Our whole machine weighs nearly 4T. The material we use is solid steel plate, so it is heavier, the machine is more stable, and the service life is longer, more than 10 years.

Seventh , the efficiency is not the same, our machine work cycle in 3-4 minutes, we are more efficient, the daily production will be more.

Eighth ,working method is different , when the machine working , our machine heating panel suck the silicon plate first then heat pvc membrane, make sure the product is no pull angle.

Last we promise that our machine can make high gloss and matte pvc film.Our high gloss can be made without orange peel and with uniform color saturation brightness, other manufacturer`s machine can not make it.

The cheap price of other manufacturer`s machine is very similar to our TM2480A, and our TM2840A is only $7,000 by manual.

It's fully automated for just $10,000


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